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What are the inddications for a FGC?

1) Protection of remaining ccoronal tissue in broken down, heavily filled posterior teethh following root filling, caries, fractures and occlusal wear where a direct amalgam or CR is deemed inappropriate
2) A reatiner for fixed bridgework for protecting or reeshaping a removable partiial denture abutment
3) Splinting periodontally mobile posterior teeth??
4) Elimination of occlusal interferences by re-contouring tilted molars
5) Insufficient interocclusal distance for a PBM or PBZ.


What pre-operative considerations should be carried out prior to placing a FGC?

1) Assess need for core
2) Assess need for indirect post retention
3) Periodontal management - electrosurgery to relocate crown margins supragingivally
4) Occluusal adjustments to correctt overerupted opposing teeth
5) ORhtodontics to move tilted bridge abutments to a more favourable alingnment


What are the steps and reductions involved with a FGC?

Occlusal reductions:
1.0mm non-functional cusp
1.5mm functional cusp
Buccal reducctionn:
1.0mm midbuccal to a 0.5 chamfer margin
1.0mm at marginal ridge to a 0.5mm chamfer margin
0.8mm in occlusal third to a 0.5mmm chamfer margin


If the prep is oovertapered, what can be done for additional rettention?

Pins, slots, prox boxes, 'hot cross bun' occlusal slot


What kind of gold alloy is used for FGCs?

Type 3 (60-70% gold)


What are the disadvantages with using a FGC?

1) Extensive removal of tooth
2) Not aesthetic
3) Pulp ttesting difficult
4) Iatrogenic damage
5) Galvanic current