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With regards to the status of abutment teeth, what aspects should be considered?

1) Past and present caries and restorative experience
2) Status of dental pulps and root filled teeth
3) Peridontal support
4) Occlusion/ parafunction


What aspects need to be considered with regards to the edentulous ridge?

1) Length of span
2) Ridge resorption
3) Interarch space
4) Overeruption of opposing teeth


What are the treatment options to replace missing teeth (for most cases)?

1) Nuil treatment
2) Resin bonded cast alloy
3) F-F PBM
4) FRC bridge
5) Implant and crown.


What are the biomechanical considerations that need to be taken into account when planning for a bridge?

1) bridge span thickness
2) bridge flexure
3) Crown to root ratio of abutments (2:3 or 1:1 etc...)
4) Abutment root configuration
5) Root surface area


When abutment teeth are tilted, what would be considered an appropriate angle between them?

20-35 degrees.


What are some problems associated with tilted abutment teeth?

1) Destriuctive axial reduction to achieve common line of draw which may lead to a pulpal exposure
2) Overtapered non-retentive prep