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What are the 3 classes of edentulous spaces?

Class I: Bu-Li loss of tissue and normmal ridge height
Class II: Loss of ridge height but with loss of widthh
Class III: Loss of both height and width


What are the materials used to construct pontics?

1) Cast alloy (gold, semi-precious, base metals)
2) Acrylic resin
3) Composite resin
4) FRC
5) Porcelein


WHat are the 5 main pontic designs??

1) Sanitary pontic
2) Saddle ridgelap
3) Conical pontic
4) Modified ridgelap
5) Ovate pontic


When are concial pontics normally used?

For molars when aesthetic requirements not vital. Good access to clean although food entrapment may be a problem in undercut areas.


When is the modified ridgelap pontic indicated??

Generally for high aesthetic situations. Also easy to clean. Normally for ceramo-mmetal or FRC constructions


Whhen is the ovate pontic indicated?

When excccellent aesthetics are required e.g. upper centrals.
Easy to clean. However, requires some surgical prep and hence contraindicated for patients that do not want surgery.