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Specialty medicine focuses the what



Family medicine focuses on what

The host


WHO definition of health

A complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being, an not merely the absence of disease or infirmity


What is the one definition of health

Harmony in interaction with the patient’s environment, and individual


The disease state that is the culmination of nervous system, fluid dynamics, and biomechanical systems is what

Somatic dysfunction


Definition of manipulation

The use of the hands in a patient management process using instructions and maneuvers to achieve maximum painless, movement of the msk system


What are the 5 models of osteopathic treatment

1. Postural structural
2. Neurological
3. Respiratory circulatory
4. Bioenergy
5. Psychosocial


What is the postural structural model of Osteopathic Treatment

Directed to the treatment of the msk system for relief of pain and improved motion

The OMT is geared toward returning dysfunction to a normal state


Whats is the neurological model of Osteopathic Treatment

Influencing the sensory, motor, or ANS


What is the respiratory/circulatory model of Osteopathic Treatment

Chosen to influence the movement of fluid such as lymph or blood, to improve respiratory capacity, or to reduce the work of breathing


What is the bioenergy model of Osteopathic Treatment

The model focuses on the inherent energies of the body, i.e. addressing fucking ghosts


What is the psychosocial model of Osteopathic Treatment

The goal is o influence the patient’s perception of pain, illness, and disability