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What dogs are predisposed for Tetralogy of Fallot?

Inherited in Keeshonds, also common in English bulldogs


What is tetralogy of fallot?

Overriding aorta (dextroposition of the aorta), pulmonic stenosis,


What is another name for endocardial fibrosis?

Jet lesion


What can cause a jet lesion?

Chronic trauma from ventricular septal defects, Valvular endocardiosis.


What can cause megaesophagus? (Think of a congenital issue)

Persistent right aortic arch (PRAA)


What does persistent right aortic arch (PRAA) result in? (2)

Dysphagia and megaesophagus


What animal/breed(s) are you most common to find PRAA?

Dogs: German shepherds, Irish setters and great gains are predisposed.


What is another name for pericardial effusion?
What animal is this found in?
What is the cause, and what else is associated with this cause?

Mulberry heart disease.

Found in the pig.

Cause: vitamin D/selenium deficiency. This is also associated with hepatitis dietetica.


What is responsible for fibrinous pericarditis "black leg"? (Bacteria)

Clostridium choffeni.


What is the cause of hardware disease in a cow?

Foreign bodies (metal)


What can chronic (constructive) pericarditis lead to in cows?

Chronic cardiac tamponade


What can lead to endocardial mineralization?

Excessive intake of vitamin D or calcinogenic plants (Cestrum, Trisetum, Solanum spp.). Or debilitated cattle with Johne's disease.


What animal do you find valvular endocardiosis in?

Dogs, more specifically Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's.D


Which of the following is not true about valvular endocardiosis?
A. It is a top of ddx for congestive heart failure.
B. Is an age-related disease found in middle age to old dogs (most common in males).
C. You may see this in a dog at four years of age, but it will definitely show by 10 years if they're going to get it.
D. Is characterized by a degeneration of valvular collagen, and affects the left valve (mitral).
E. All of the above is true.

E. All of the above is true.


What is often the cause of endocarditis (valvular and mural)?

Bacterial infections


What is the etiology for valvular endocarditis in a pig?

Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae


What is ulcerative(Uremic) mural endocarditis associated with in the dog?

Renal failure


What may myocardial necrosis and mineralization be results of?

Nutritional deficiencies, chemical and plant toxicities, ischemia, metabolic disorders, inherited diseases and physical trauma.


In what animals are you more likely to see myocardial necrosis and mineralization due to of vitamin E or selenium deficiency?

Cattle, sheep, pigs.


What is a big toxicity in pigs that causes myocardial necrosis and mineralization?

Gossypol toxicity.


What breeds of dogs are more susceptible to dilated cardiomyopathy? (4)

Doberman pinscher's, Portuguese water dogs, Dalmatians, and St. Bernard's.


What chambers in the heart are dilated with dilated cardiomyopathy?What does it look like?

All chambers

it looks like a pair of balls (scrotem)