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What social effects did WW1 have on Germans?

-article 231, war guilt clause; damaged German pride
-distrusted political leaders; November criminals, betrayal
-Reduction of army; felt weak and vulnerable against opponents


What were the positive social effects on German people after WW1?

-Women working; 37% women in workforce during war, didn’t change much
-new government; men and women over 20 could vote


What were the negative political impacts on German people after WW1?

-food shortages; radicalisation of people’s views, rise in communism in working class and political uprisings


What was a positive political impact of WW1 on German people?

-vote for president; German people voted for leader


What were the negative economic impacts of WW1 on German people?

-Industrial Output; fell by 40% 1914-18
-£6.6 Billion in reparations due


What were the negative social impacts of hyperinflation on German people?

-food shortages; health impacted, especially pensioners
-mass unemployment; lost jobs as couldn’t be paid


What were the negative political impacts of hyperinflation on Germans?

-didn’t trust government; had not acted efficiently or effectively in people’s interests


How were Germans effected negatively economically by hyperinflation?

-pensioners; people on fixed income forced into poverty
-savings; much of the middle class saw investment on their savings wiped out which forced them into poverty


What were the social impacts of the depression?

-mass unemployment; 6 million by 1932


What were the political impacts of the depression?

-Many people turned to extremist groups out of desperation.
-lost faith in current government; lack of support for people


What were the economic impacts of the depression?

-as people lost jobs, mass poverty, 58% of what industrial output had been in 1928 so less trading with other countries


How were women affected by Nazi social policies?

-pressured out of work; expected to be a housewife
-children; expected to provide next generation
-image; had to be traditional, no makeup, high heels, trousers
-German maidens league; taught that cooking cleaning and children are most important ‘Küche, Kirche, Kinder’


How were Germans effected by the police state?

-social; distrust those around them, informing, paranoia, put strain on friendships and even could cause divide in families. Couldn’t listen to some radio.
-economic; if in a minority or seen to be non Nazi supporter or even a relation to a minority, could be sacked and lose any source of income.