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What is an emergency response plan?

An emergency response plan is what the healthcare facility follows when there is a disaster.


What is the difference between an internal and external disaster?

  • Internal disaster is when the disaster happens inside the healthcare facility.
  • External disaster is when the disaster happens outside the healthcare facility.


Why does the nurse attempt to estimate the number of individuals affected and the extent of the injuries before the clients arrive at the hospital during a disaster?

Estimates of the number of clients expected are done to estimate how much supplies, rooms, and staff will be needed to care for the clients.


What is the American Red Cross (ARC)?

The American Red Cross is a group that supplies housing, food, and support to disaster victims.


What is the HAZMAT team?

The HAZMAT team is a group of people trained to deal with hazardous materials during a disaster.


What is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)?

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a federal program that helps communities prevent disasters, help during a disaster or rebuild after a disaster.


What is an emergency disaster kit?

Emergency disaster kit includes supplies needed during a disaster such as:

  • water
  • medicines
  • food
  • clothes
  • flashlight
  • radio
  • batteries


What are the 4 types of disasters?

4 types of disasters:

  • biological
  • chemical
  • natural
  • manmade


What is a biological disaster?

A biological disaster is when an infectious disease is intentionally released into the environment causing havoc on a large number of people.


What are examples of a biological warfare agent?

Biological warfare agent:

  • anthrax
  • smallpox


What is the immediate action for a client with suspected anthrax or smallpox?

Get the client into a private room immediately to prevent infecting others.


What is a chemical disaster?

A chemical disaster is when a chemical is intentionally released into the environment causing havoc on a large number of people.


What are examples of chemical warfare agents?

Chemical warfare agents:

  • radiation
  • gases


What are examples of a natural disaster?

Natural disasters:

  • fire
  • blizzard
  • tornado
  • hurricane


What are examples of a man-made disaster?

Man-made disaster:

  • bridge collapsing
  • gas leak
  • bombing


What are the triage principles (using numbers)?

Triage principles (using numbers):

  1. severely unstable: need to be seen NOW
  2. potentially unstable and urgent: need to be seen within 10 minutes
  3. stable, but urgent: need to be seen within 30 minutes
  4. stable, and not urgent: may need testing
  5. stable, and not urgent: don't need any tests


What are triage principles (using colors)?




Immediate Complication

What are some examples of the triage principle of 🔴 Red or 1 & 2?

🔴 Red (1 & 2):

  • respiratory distress
  • chest pain
  • amputations
  • decreased level of consciousness
  • chemical splash to the eye


What are some examples of the triage principle of 🟡 Yellow or 3?

🟡 Yellow or 3:

  • open fracture with pulse
  • large wounds


What are some examples of the triage principle of 🟢 green or 4?

🟢 Green or 4:

  1. closed fracture
  2. minor laceration
  3. sprains and strains
  4. large bruises


What is an example of the triage principle ⚫ black or 5?

⚫ Black or 5:

  • unconscious with a very low heart rate or low respirations