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Where are the primary engine indications normally displayed?

On the Primary or Upper EICAS display.


What happens to the engine indications if one of the EICAS displays fails?

They will be displayed in a compacted mode on the functioning display.


Describe the function of the "AUTO" position of the Standby Engine Indicator Selector.

Display is blank with AC power and EICAS operative. Will automatically display indications when AC power is lost, EICAS fails or either CRT failed and STATUS selected on ground.


Which engine displays have operating limits indicated by red lines?

N1/2/3, EGT, oil temperature and pressure.


What is the meaning of an amber REV and green REV annunciations appearing above the EPR indicator?

Amber indicates the thrust reversers are in transit and Green indicates that they are deployed.


What is the primary instrument for setting thrust on the RB211-535E4?



Describe how the Max EPR Limit is displayed on the EPR indicator.

Dual amber lines on the EPR.


What normally controls the Maximum Certified Thrust Limit (dual amber radials on inside of the EPR indicator)?

The EEC. If that fails the Thrust Management Computer (TMC) will display the information.


When will the autothrottles NOT use the Thrust Reference Limit?

When utilizing manually set thrust reference limit.


How are the thrust modes selected when operating in VNAV?

When the AFDS VNAV mode is engaged, the EPR bug may be magenta. When the EPR bug is magenta, it is positioned at a nominal target EPR by the FMC, which may not correlate with the digital reference EPR. In VNAV, the FMC controls thrust mode selection automatically to meet thrust requirements for the active vertical mode.


What is the purpose of the Command Sector?

During rapid throttle lever movments, the difference between the engines actual EPR and the EECs commanded EPR is displayed as the Command Sector on the EICAS EPR display.


What is the meaning of the red radial line on the inner periphery of the EGT indicator?

EGT start limit.


What color will the EGT pointer and counter turn when reaching the Max Continuous EGT limit?

Amber. This is inhibited and they will remain white during TO or GA for 5 minutes.


How long is the EGT indication inhibited from changing to amber during TO or GA?

5 minutes.


What is the meaning of the amber TAI bug?

The TAI bug is displayed only when a single engine bleed air source is available. Displays minimum N1 for engine anti-ice operation.


When does the magenta Fuel On Command Bug appear on the N3 indicator?

Fuel control switch off. Minimum fuel on selection point during starter cranking.


When does the in-flight start envelope appear on the EICAS?

When an engine is not running in flight, the respective engine fire switch is not pulled and both EICAS Primary and Secondary displays are selected.


What is the meaning of an illuminated L/R OIL PRESS light?

Low engine oil pressure.


What color will the oil pressure pointer and digital readout change to when oil pressure drops below the minimum operating limit?



What is the function of the "GND" position of the Engine Start Selector?

Opens the start valve, engages the air driven starter to the N2 rotor and closes the engine bleed air valve if open.


What is the meaning of an illuminated start "VALVE" light?

Valve is not in the commanded position or

N3 RPM exceeds 47% and starter valve open.


What is the engine starter normal duty cycle for the RB211-535E4?

Up to 2 minutes then run down to zero N3 followed by

Up to 2 minutes then run down to zero N3 followed by

Up to 2 minutes then run down to zero N3 and allow to cool for 15 minutes.


What is the engine starter extended duty cycle for the RB211-535E4?

Up to 4 minutes continuous operation followed by a 15 minute wait.


At what %N3 should the FUEL CONTROL switch be placed to RUN during engine start for the RB211-535E4?

As N3 rotation accelerates to 25% N3 or max motoring rpm, the FUEL CONTROL switch is positioned to RUN or RICH.


What is the meaning of an illuminated "SPAR VALVE" light?

Fuel spar valve is not in commanded position.


What is the meaning of an illuminated "ENG VALVE" light?

Engine fuel valve is not in commanded position.


When does the Engine Start Selector return to the "AUTO" position during engine start?

At approximately 50% N2, the engine start selector automatically moves to the "AUTO" position (PW)....

47% N3 (RR)


When does continuous ignition occur with the start selector in the "AUTO" position?

Selected ignitor(s) operate continuously with slats extended or engine anti-ice on.


Describe how ignition is supplied during Engine Anti-Ice operations.

Selected ignitor(s) operate continuously with slats extended or engine anti-ice on.


Which position of the Engine Start Selector commands both ignitors to operate regardless of Inition Selector position?



What is the time limit for ignitor operation?

No time limit


What happens to the EEC if the primary channel fails (PW)?

Automatic switching from the primary to secondary channel will occur when the primary channel becomes incapable of control. Automatic switching also occurs when the engine is shut down in flight.


What happens to the fuel controller if the EEC fails or is turned off?

The EEC trim motor will hold the current trim level until the unit is turned off.


What is the purpose of the "RICH" position on the fuel control switch for the RB211-535E4?

Cold Starts


What is the purpose of the EEC & ELC for RB211-535E4 engines?

EEC trims metered fuel to prevent overboost when operating at or near the max thrust limits. The ELC trims the metered fuel to prevent N1 from exceeding the limits.


What is the maximum altitude for APU electrical power?

42,000 ft. MSL


APU Bleed Air is available to what maximum altitude.

17,000 ft. MSL


What does a momentary "APU FAULT" light indicate during the start cycle.

The APU fuel valve disagrees with the commanded position (momentary flash is normal for APU start)


How is fuel supplied to the APU during start on an unpowered aircraft?

The DC powered fuel pump in the left main tank will supply fuel.


How is fuel supplied to the APU when AC power is available?

The Left Forward AC fuel pump supplies fuel from the left tank.


Where are the APU's EGT and RPM indications located?

EICAS STATUS page on the secondary display.


What are the APU starter duty limitations?

Maximum of 3 consecutive starts or attempts within a 60 minute period.


What is the meaning of the "APU RUN" light?

APU is operating at speed.


How do you cancel the APU shutdown signal if the APU is inadvertently turned OFF and the RUN light is still illuminated?

Momentarily move the switch to START


Will the APU shutdown immediately if selected off with the APU Bleed valve open?

No, the APU will shut off the bleed air and then go through a cool down period.


How will turning the BATTERY switch to OFF with the APU running affect the APU on the ground?

The APU will shut down normally but may not have fire detection.


How does an "APU FAULT" light affect APU operation?

It will shutdown the APU unless it is a momentary indication as the fuel valve transits to a commanded position.


When starting the APU, can you reset the APU fault detection circuitry if a fault is detected? How?

The Fault can be reset by cycling the switch to "OFF" and then to "START."