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How many EICAS computers are installed?

Two, left and right.


What is the function of the AUTO position of the EICAS computer selector?

Automatically transfers to the right computer if the left computer fails.


How many events will the EICAS retain?

One manually recorded event.


Describe how EICAS responds to a failure of a CRT Dispaly.

The faulty display is blanked. EICAS information is displayed on the operating display and the compacted format is available.


How can EICAS Warning messages be cleared.

The condition must be corrected.


What abnormal situations are associated with a bell.



When are the Master Warning lights and FIre Bell inhibited?

On takeoff at nose wheel extension on rotation until 400' or 20 seconds, whichever occurs first.


Which abnormal situations are associated with a siren?

CABIN ALTITUDE, autopilot disconnect, configuration and over-speed warning alerts.


When is the Takeoff Configuration Warning System Armed?

On the ground and thrust is in the takeoff range on either engine. Terminated at rotation or when the condition is corrected.


What conditions will cause the Takeoff Configuration Warning?

Flaps not in certified takeoff position
Parking Brake set
Spoilers (handle) not in down detent
Stab not in green range
Main Cargo Door not closed, latched and locked.


When will the Landing Configuration Warning alert the crew if the gear is not down and locked?

In flight, any gear not down and locked and either:

Flaps in the 25 or 30

Either thrust lever at idle below 800' RA (AGL).


How do you silence the siren for a Landing Configuration Warning.

Condition Corrected or Gear Override Switch.

If warning is a result of idle thrust below 800 RA, pushing the Master Warning switch silences the horn.


Abnormal situations associated with a synthesized voice.

Windshear, Obstacle, Terrain, Too Low Gear, Too Low Flaps, Pull Up...., TCAS RA, TCAS TA


How is the Caution Beeper silenced?

Silences automatically after one series of four beeps.


When are the Master Caution lights and beeper inhibited?

At 80 knots on the takeoff roll until 20 seconds after nose wheel extension or 400', whichever occurs first.

On shutdown when the fuel control switch is moved to cutoff, ore fire handle pulled (L/R ENG SHUTDOWN caution level messages).


How does an abort above 80 knots affect Master Caution Lights and Beeper?

If a caution occurs they will activate below 75 knots.


How can you distinguish an EICAS Caution from an Advisory message?

Advisory messages are indented one space.


How can you identify the most recent EICAS message?

The most recent is at the top of its respective group (Warning, Caution and Advisory).


Describe how EICAS responds to an engine shutdown.

When a fuel control switch is moved to cutoff, or a fire handle is pulled the L/R ENG SHUTDOWN message inhibits numerous Master Cautions (BLEED AIR OFF, GEN DRIVE/OFF, ENG ANTI-ICE, ENG OIL PRESSURE, HYD ENG, ENG EEC, ENG limiter).


What is the function of the CANCEL switch?

Advances to next page on EICAS and cancels the Caution and Advisory messages when the last page is displayed.


What is the function of the RECALL switch?

Displays cancelled messages if the condition still exists. Opens to page 1 on EICAS.


What is the meaning of a STATUS cue appearing in the upper left corner of the lower EICAS display?

New status message is available.


Where are the EICAS Status messages located.

The secondary EICAS display. Must press the STATUS button to view.


What is the purpose of a Status message?

ID system faults affecting dispatch.


What indications appear when deviating 300 feet from the selected altitude?

Master Caution light, aural, EICAS altitude alert, altitude box turns amber, MCP altitude zooms and is boxed.


What is the meaning of an illuminated ALT ALERT light?

Aircraft has deviated from selected altitude (300').


When is Altitude Alerting inhibited?

In flight with all gear down and locked.


How can the GPWS Glideslope Caution be cancelled?

Depressing the G/S INHB switch.


What is the function of the OVRD position of the GPWS switches?

Inhibits either TOO LOW FLAPS or TOO LOW TERRAIN Caution messages. EICAS displays GND PROX SYS if FLAP or GEAR OVRD is selected for more than 60 seconds and airspeed is greater than 250 or 290 respectively.


When are Windshear Alerts available?

GPWS: Takeoff (at rotation) Approach and Landing (below 1500').


What is the meaning of a red trapezoid on the PFD?

TCAS RA avoidance area.


What is the meaning of a red band on the VSI?

TCAS RA avoidance area for rate of climb/descent.