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What is the meaning of an illuminated "GEAR" light?

There is a disagreement between the gear position and the gear handle.


Describe how the Alternate Gear Extension System operates.

The Alternate Gear Extension is operated through the left hydraulic system via DC powered electric pump. Fluid in the supply system is sufficient to lower the gear but will not re-close the doors. Pressing the ALTN GEAR EXTEN switch unlocks the uplocks allowing the doors and gear to free fall to the down and locked position.


Which lights may remain illuminated after performing the Alternate Gear Extension procedure?

"DOORS" and EICAS advisory message "GEAR DOORS."


What is the meaning of an illuminated "DOORS" light?

A landing gear door is not closed.


Which hydraulic system powers the Normal Brakes?



If installed, what is the meaning of an illuminated "BRAKE TEMP" light?

A wheel brake temperature is in high range (value of 5 or above on STATUS page).


How is the Alternate Brake System activated?

The Alternate Brake System activates automatically when right hydraulic system pressure is low. The left hydraulic system automatically supplies pressure to the alternate brake system through the alternate anti-skid valves.


Which hydraulic system powers the Alternate Brake System?



What is the meaning of an illuminated "BRAKE SOURCE" light?

Both the Normal and Alternate brake system pressures are low.


What happens when the "RESERVE BRAKES" switch is pushed?

Provides reserve hydraulic fluid to the right system electric pump. Pump pressure is then supplied exclusively to the normal brakes system.


What is the purpose of the Brake Accumulator.

The accumulator stores pressure in the case that both right and left systems fail (Normal/Reserve & Alternate). Depending on conditions it may only supply one application of the brakes. Anti-skid operations may drain the system quicker.


What does the amber band on the Brake Pressure Gauge represent?

Initial accumulator precharge.


How do you conserve accumulator pressure when operating with only accumulator brakes?

Use continuous brake pressure instead of multiple applications.


Which brake systems have Anti-Skid capability?

The Normal/Reserve and alternate systems offer anti-skid. Note that the anti-skid is a downgraded system offering only laterally paired wheels anti-skid protection.


What is the meaning on an illuminated "ANTISKID" light?

There is a fault in the Anti-Skid system.


Which brake systems have autobrake capability?



When are the autobrakes activated during an RTO?

When on the ground and GS is above 85 knots and both thrust levers are reduced to idle.


What kind of braking capability is provided with the Autobrakes selected to RTO?



What provides the maximum braking, Max Manual or Max Auto?

Max Manual


When are the autobrakes applied during landing?

Both thrust levers are retarded to idle and the wheels have spun up.


By what means can autobrakes be deactivated.

Pedal braking, either thrust lever advanced, speedbrake lever is moved from the full up position after deployment, selection of DISARM or OFF, autobrake fault or normal antiskid system fault.


What is the meaning of an illuminated "AUTOBRAKES" light?

The autobrakes are disarmed or inoperative.