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What type of sink is best for barrier-free design? A. wall-hung B. built-in C. vanity D. pedestal

A. Wall hung all the sink installations listed can work , but a wall-hung lavatory gives the most open access.



1 watt = ___btu?

3.14 but


1 Hp = ___W?

746 W


Heat loss in a building can be minimized by selecting wall materials with high A. conductance B. enthalpy C. permeability D. resistance

D. resistance Resistance is the number of hours needed for 1 BTU to pass through 1 ft sq of a material of a given thickness when the temperature difference is 1 deg F.


What is enthalpy?

The total heat in a substance including latent heat and sensible heat


What is permeability?

The property of a porous material that permits the passage of water vapor through it


What is responsible for a materials phase change, sensible or latent heat?

latent heat


WHich type of glass would be the most appropriate choice for a location in the northeastern US? A. low e B. reflective C. tinted D. triple pane

A. low e low e glass would be a good choice for a cold climate because it has a low U value, which means that is can minimize heat loss while still allowing some solar heat gain. low e film allows both visible and near infrared radiation to be transmitted through the glass but prevents long wave radiation from escaping the room. Reflective, tinted, and triple pane glass is not as efficient as low e. They would reduce heat gain in the summer but would not allow desirable heat gain during the cold months


It is desirable for an insulating material to have high A. conductance B. conductivity C. enthalpy D. resistance

D. resistance


Weatherstripping affects A. effective temperature B. thermodynamics C. ventilation D. infiltration

D. infiltration Weatherstripping helps seal joints and cracks around doors and windows, reducing air infiltration. Air infiltration is a primary factor in heat loss so sealing these voids improves the performance of mechanical systems and conserves energy.


By what process does insulating glass lose heat? A. convection B. conduction C. conductance D. radiation

A. convection Insulating glass consists of two or more layers of glazing separated by an airspace. The air circulating within the glass picks up heat on the warm side and transfers it on the cold side were it is lost by conduction through the glass to the outside.


The following standard set limitations on source emissions (volatile organic compounds) from paints and coatings. Which is a more restrictive standard?

 SCAQMD rule 1113


The solar altitude is largest in the Northern Hemisphere on the day of the

summer solstice. It is smallest in the winter solstice. On the equinox (vernal and autmnal), night and day are roughly the same length


What is entropy?

It is used to determine the energy available for useful work in a thermodynamic process, such as in engines, energy conversion devices, or machines. 


What are factors of life cycle cost?

unscheduled maintenance

renewal and replacement

construction cost

energy cost

minor repair