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What are 4 strengths of groups?

1. generate more info and knowledge
2. greater diversity of views and creativity
3. greater acceptance of decisions
4. generally more accurate


What are 4 weaknesses of groups?

1. time-consuming act
2. conforming to pressures
3. discussions can be dominated by few members
4. situation of ambiguous responsibility


What are 3 group decision making techniques?

1. brainstorming
2. nominal group technique
3. electronic meeting


Define brainstorming.

idea-generating process designed to overcome pressure for conformity


define nominal group technique.

-works by restricting discussion during decision making process
-members physically present, but operate interdependently


define electronic meeting.

uses computers to hold large meetings of up to 50 people


what are the 4 types of teams?

1. problem solving team
2. self-management work teams
3. cross-functional teams
4. virtual teams


define problem solving team. (4)

-5-12 employees
-from same department
-meet for few hours each week
-to DISCUSS ways of improving quality, efficiency, and the work environment


define self-management teams. (2)

-10-15 people
-take on responsibilities of their former supervirsors


define cross-functional teams. (4)

-employees from about same hierarchal level, but from diff work areas
-come together to accomplish a task
-very common
-also called task force or committee


define virtual teams.

teams that use computer tech to tie together physically dispersed members to achieve a common goal


How do organizations create effective teams?

using job characteristic model (JCM) to create work design


What are the 4 components of JCM?

1. freedom/autonomy
2. skill variety
3. task identity
3. task significance


what are 3 ways to turn individuals into team players?

1. selection
2. training
3. rewards


define selection with regard to turing individuals into team players.

make team skills 1 of the interpersonal skills in the hiring process


define training with regard to turning individuals into team players.

individualistic people can learn to be team players


define rewards with regard to turning individuals into team players.

rework rewards system to encourage cooperative effects rather than competitive