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4 Functions of Communication

1. control member behavior
2. foster motivation for what is to be done
3. provide a release for emotional expression
4. provide info needed to make decisions


Define the communication process.

steps between sources and receiver that result in the transfer and understanding of meaning


What are the 8 key parts to the communication process.

1. the sender
2. encoding
3 the message
4. the channel
5. decoding
6. the receiver
7. noise
8. feedback


Define the grapvine.

an org's informal communication within the org


What are the 3 main characteristics of the grapevine?

1. informal, not controlled by mgmt
2. more believable and reliable than formal communication
3. largely used to serve self-interests of those who use it


What are 3 formal small-group networks?

1. chain: rigidly follows chain of command
2. wheel: relies on central figure to act as channel for all communication (team w/ strong leader)
3. all channel: all group members communicate actively w/ each other


what are the 7 barriers to effective communication?

1. filtering
2. selective perception
3. info overload
4. emotions
5. language
6. communication apprehension
7. gender difference


How does filtering serve as a barrier to effective communication?

sender's manipulation of info so it will be seen as favorable for the receiver


How does selective perception serve as a barrier to effective communication?

people selectively interpret what they see on basis of interests, bg, experience, and attitudes


How does info overload serve as a barrier to effective communication?

condition in which infow exceeds an individual's processing capacity


How does emotion serve as a barrier to effective communication?

how receiver feels at time message is received will influence how a message is interpretted


How does language serve as a barrier to effective communication?

words have multiple meanings


How does communication apprehension serve as a barrier to effective communication?

uncomfortable w/ communication through certain channel


How does gender difference serve as a barrier to effective communication?

-men emphasize status
-women talk to create connections


What component is the contingency theory missing?

environment in which a leader exists


What is the Fiedler Model?

-effect. group performane depends on proper match between leadership style and degree to which a situation gives the leader control
-for effect. leadership: must change to a leader who fits situation or change the situational variables to fit the current leader
-assumes leadership is fixed


What are the 3 situational factors identified by Fiedler's theory?

1. leader-member relations: confidence and trust in leader
2. task structure: structure w/in job
3. position power: leader's ability to hire, fire, and reward


What are the 4 parts to Fiedler's Model?

1. LPC to measure whether person is task or relationship oriented
2. consider situation and 3 factors
3. for favorable or unfavorable conditions, task oriented works best
4. for moderate conditions, relationship oriented works best


What are the positives of Fiedler' Model?

considerable evidence supports model, especially original 8 situations are grouped into 3


What are 2 problems behind Fielder's model?

1. the logic behind the LPC
2. scores are not stable


What is the situational leadership theory?

effect. leadership depends on the follower's "readiness" or ability and willingness to accomplish a specific task


What are 4 behaviors a leader should chose depending on the followers' readiness?

1. unable + unwilling = give clear and specific directions
2. unable + willing = display high task orientation
3. able + unwilling = use supportive and participatory style
4. able + willing = doesnt need to do much


Define transactional leader.

traditional leader


Define transactional leader. (5)

1. idealized influence
2. inspirational motivation
3. intellectual stimulation
4. individual consideration
5. inspires followers to transcend their self-interests for good of org


Define charasmatic leader. (4)

1. **visionary (key to charasmatic leader)
2. unconventional behavior
3. sensitivity to followers
4. personal risk


Define authentic (ethic) leaders. (3)

1. know who they are
2. what they believe in and value
3. actupon those values and beliefs


What are 5 bases of power?

1. coercive power
2. reward power
3. legitimate power
4. expert power
5. referent power


What is coercive power?

dependent on fear of the negative results from failing to comply


What is reward power?

compliance achieved based on ability to distribute rewards


What is legitimate power?

as a result of one's position in the formal hierarchy of an org


What is expert power?

influence based on special skills or knowledge


What is referent power?

influence based on identification with a person who has desireable resources or personal traits


What 6 individual factors influence political behavior?

1. high self-monitors
2. internal locis of control
3. high Mach personality
4. organizational investment
5. perceived job alt
6. expectations of success


What 9 org factors influence political behavior?

1. reallocation of resources
2. promotion of opportunities
3. low trust
4. role ambiguity
5. unclear perform. eval. system
6. zero-sum reward practices
7. democratic decision making
8. high performance pressures
9. self-serving senior managers


What are 7 impression management (IM) techniques?

1. conformity
2. excuses
3. apologies
4. self-promotion
5. flattery
6. favors
7. association


How do IM techniques relate to job interview success?

-self-promotion = most important
-favors = second most important


How do IM techniques relate to performance evaluations?

-favors = positively related to ratings
-self-promotion tends to backfire