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why are teams so popular? (6)

1. great way to use employee talents
2. more flex and responsive to changes in environment
3. can quickly assemble, deploy, refocus, and disband
4. facilitates employer involvement
5. increased employee participation in decision making
6. democratizes org and increases motivation


what are 3 reasons why teams are not always successful?

1. costly
2. time consuming
3. affects employee morale


define work group.

group interacts to share info and make decisions to help each group member perform w/in her area of responsibility


define work team.



what are 4 types of teams?

1. problem-solving team
2. self-management work teams
3. cross-functional teams
4. virtual teams


define problem solving team. (4)

-5-12 employees
-from same department
-meet for a few hours each week
-to DISCUSS ways to improve quality, efficiency, and work environment


define self-management teams. (2)

-10-15 employees
-take on responsibilities of former supervisors


define cross-functional teams. (4)

-group of people on about same hierachical level, but different work areas
-come together to achieve a common task
-very common
-also called task forces and committees


define virtual teams.

group that uses computer technology to tie together physically dipersed members to achieve a common goal


what are 2 characteristics of virtual teams?

1. limited socializing
2. ability to overcome time and space constraints


what are 3 needs of virtual teams?

1. trust among members
2. close monitoring
3. to be publicized