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How may ethical issues arise?

When there is a conflict between psychology's need to gain valid and valuable research findings whilst at the same time preserving the rights and dignity of the participants


Why do researchers not always have control over how their findings are used?

They may have little say in how the findings are represented in the media, the impact on public policy and how it may influence particular groups in society


What is social sensitivity?

Any psychological research that has wider ethical implications that impact outside of the research context


Who may be affected by social sensitivity?

The participants, the researchers and sub groups in society eg ethnic minorities or certain religions


What's one example of social sensitivity?

Lowney. He observed a group of satanists in the USA. He recorded that their activities mainly consisted of underage drinking, drug taking and music. There may be parental backlash over the behaviour of young people, condemnation from the community and peer exclusion as research was in high schools


What's a second example of social sensitivity?

Humphreys. He acted as a gay man and talked to the participants in a public toilet. He then took their number plate and found out where they live. It's sensitive because homosexuality was not widely accepted, there was a breach of privacy as he found out where they lived and deception as Humphreys wasn't homosexual


What's a third example of social sensitivity?

Raine. He used brain scans on violent criminals and found they all had the same brain damage. He suggested that all children could be scanned to see if they will be a potential violent criminal. It's socially sensitive because what would happen if a child has this brain activity and what does the child, parents and society do with this?


Who identified concerns that a researcher must be mindful of?

Sieber and Stanley


What's the first concern?

Implications. The wider effects of the research


What's the second concern?

Uses/public policy. People may use your research for things that you didn't intend it to be used for


What's the third concern?

The validity of the research. Some data may be fraudulent but now researchers are more upfront about biases and preconceptions


What's two strengths of ethics?

There are strict guidelines in place to protect people involved. Therefore the chances of research causing problems have been reduced. Also it has benefitted society eg. The research into EWT has reduced the risk of miscarriages of justice


What's two limitations of ethics?

It's not always possible to see the effects which makes it hard to judge and as its not objective it's open to potential bias. Also, some say the guidelines are too strict. There is areas of research that can benefit people but this research can't be conducted


How does relationships relate to ethics?

Brehm said that research that looks at potential problems in a relationship can be divisive and cause relationship breakdown


How does stress relate to ethics?

Men and women react differently to stress is an example of alpha bias. It's believed that women are not geared to fight or flight.