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What is free will?

Free will refers to humans being able to make their own choices and that these choices are not determined by biological and external factors


What is determinism?

It suggests that we do not exercise free will and our behaviour is shaped or controlled by internal or external factors


What is hard determinism?

All, human behaviour has a cause and it should be possible to identify and describe these causes. It assumes that everything we think and do is dictated by internal or external forces that we cannot control


What is soft determinism?

All human action has a cause but people can have conscious mental control over the way they behave


What is biological determinism?

The belief that behaviour is controlled by biological aspects (genetics and evolutionary). Physiological and neurological processes are not under conscious control


What approach shows biological determinism?

The biological approach


What is environmental determinism?

The belief that behaviour is caused by features of the environment and we are shaped by environmental events and agents of socialisation


What approach supports environmental determinism?

Learning approaches


What is psychic determinism?

The belief that behaviour is caused by unconscious conflicts that we cannot control. It's determined and directed by unconscious conflicts repressed in childhood


What approach supports psychic determinism?

Psychodynamic approach


What are two strengths of determinism?

It is consistent with the aims of science and it has led to the development of treatment, therapies and behaviour interventions


What are two limitations of determinism?

If our behaviour was controlled by other factors then our legal system would acknowledge this and it's unfalsifiable which means that it cannot be proved true


What are two strengths of free will?

It's supported by our individual experiences as it makes sense and people who have an internal locus of control influence their own behaviour


What is a limitation of free will?

Neurological studies on decision making have revealed that free will may not exist when it comes to decision making (chun siong soon et al)


What does the relationship example suggest?

The evolutionary advantage is determinist but cultural differences show that there may be free will


What does the stress example suggest?

The autonomic nervous system prompts an automatic response which is deterministic and we have an element of choice as to whether we see the situation as stressful or not


What does the aggression example suggest?

There may be a biological explanation in genes but we may be aggressive due to the environment that we are in