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How has search into the nature/nurture debate changed recently?

Recent research has been more concerned with explanations of how nature and nurture interact


What is nature?

Early nativists argued that human characteristics are innate as the result of heredity


What is nurture?

Empiricists argued that the mind is a blank slate at birth and that all we become is a result of our experiences


What is the heritability coefficient?

A number that ranges from 0 to 1 which indicates the extent to which a characteristic has a genetic basis, with 1 meaning it is entirely genetically determined


How is heredity established?

Twin studies, where a concordance rate is given, MZ twins are 100% identical so if behaviour is due to genetics they would have a 100% concordance rate so there's no environmental influence


What is the interactionist approach?

It takes a stance somewhere between the extreme nature and extreme nurture. It argues that the true answer is that both genetics and the environment play a part in behaviour


What is the first example of the interactionist approach?

Intelligence. We have a genetic predisposition to attain a certain level of intelligence and that we can reach our full potential if the environment is ideal or can underperform due to a bad diet, poor education and brain activity


What is the second example of the interactionist approach?

Attachment. Bowlbys argument is that forming attachments is an innate drive which is something we are born to do. However the learning is an empiricist stance as it refers to the Cc and OC processes that are learned from the environment


What are two strengths of the nature/nurture debate?

It has moved from the extreme opposing stances as its now based on the influence of nature and nurture and Banduras study shows that aggression is learnt by the environment


What are two limitations of the nature/nurture debate?

Due to the interactionist approach it's impossible to separate the influence of nature and nurture and DZ twins tend to be treated as individuals compared to MZ twins who are treated as the same so not sure if nature of nurture influences their behaviour


What does the relationship example suggest about nature/nurture?

The evolutionary theory states the importance of genetics but due to cultural differences it is environmentally determined


What does the stress example suggest about nature/nurture?

The physiological reaction to stress is an innate mechanism but the individual decides whether it is stressful or not to them


What does the aggression example suggest about the nature/nurture debate?

The MAOA gene provides evidence for the nature side of the debate but the SLT and de individuation argue for the environment being the main determinant of aggressive behaviour