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What is universality?

Any underlying characteristics of human beings that are capable of be my applied to everyone, anywhere, regardless of time or culture


What is gender bias?

The tendency to treat one individual or group in a different way to others


What is alpha bias?

It over-exaggerates the real differences between men and women when there may not be any


What is the first example of alpha bias?

The evolutionary theory of mate preference. It emphasises the difference between what each gender looks for in a partner. Men look for young, attractive, fertile females and women look for wealthy males


What is the second example of alpha bias?

Freuds theory of moral development. He argued that women have weaker moral codes because they don't fully upgrade their superego's. This means they are more likely to show immoral behaviour


What is beta bias?

It ignores the differences between the sexes when in reality, there may be a difference between them


What is the first example of beta bias?

Asch, Milgram and Zimbardo studies on social influence where only on males and then the findings were applied to women when in reality the may not be the same


What is the second example of beta bias?

The research into the flight or fight response was carried out on male animals (as females hormones fluctuate) but then it was applied to women as though they would act the same


What is one problem with alpha bias?

It overestimates the differences between men and women when they may be similar


What is one problem with beta bias?

It underestimates the differences between men and women when they may behave differently


What is androcentrism?

It is a possible consequence of beta bias. It is when normal behaviour is judged according at a male standard and then generalised to women


What are two limitations of gender bias?

It makes it okay to show discriminative behaviour in real life and it shows sexism within the research


What are two strengths of gender boas?

They embrace the bias as a crucial aspect and they always consider the bias in research