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Hudson and Bramhall

A reason for the harsher prison sentences of ethnic minorities is the pre-sentence reports (PSRs)- an intended risk assessment to be carried out by probation officers. PSR reports for Asian offenders seemeed to suggest they were less remorseful than white offenders. Researchers blame this bias on the demonisation of Muslims following 9/11 (2001)


Bullock and Tilley

Black youth cultures develop as a resistance to racism from the police and end up becoming victims of crime. As a result most black males in Manchester who were victims of gun/knife crime were part os a gang.



Far right political groups target white working classes and convince them to view immigration as the cause of their poverty, prompting hate crime against BMEs.


Hudson and Bramhall Evaluation

In combination with research into institutional racism of the police (Macpherson Report), this research can show how other aspects of the CJS such as probation treat BME groups unfavourably.


Modood Evaluation

Evidence of this political targetting can be seen on the Young British National Party's website.


Bullock and Tilley Evaluation

Whilst this focuses on BME groups as the victims of crime, it is not overly clear if this theory is also arguing that BME groups commit knife/gun crimes as a resistance.