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Hall et al

In the 1970s, capitalism was in crisis and the public were beginning to doubt how successful capitalism could be. As a result, the state encouraged a moral panic about the social problems created by black muggers. The public scapegoated them rather than the state. Black males then turned to street crime to cope with their marginalisation.



Sensational stories were printed regarding the deviancy of mods and rockers, which caused a moral panic and therefore their deviance was amplified.



Was interested in how the labelling of certain behaviours as deviant leads to an increase in deviance. Studied hippy marijuana users from Notting Hill in the 70s. Drugs were a part of the hippy culture, but the media attention and the focus on these groups from the police led to them feeling increasingly marginalised from mainstream society. Likely the media attention came from the fact that drug use was a topic of interest and fear in the 1970s. Caused the youth culture to see drug taking as a central part of their group and became a self-fulfilling prophecy.



There was a moral panic surrounding the deviancy of youths, and the wearing of a hoodie became associated with deviant behaviour so more young people started wearing them. Eg Bluewater Shopping Centre banned the wearing of hoodies and baseball caps.