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Taylor, Walton and Young

Crime is a response to both Capitalism and labelling theory. It is a voluntary act, not determined by our place in capitalist society- many working class people do not steal so the ones that do make a choice. They also disagree that labels in society appear from nowhere. Labels are determined by our place within capitalist society. Those from working class backgrounds are stereotyped and their criminal label is imposed on them.


Hall et al

Scapegoating. In the 1970s when capitalism was in crisis, the public were beginning to doubt how successful capitalism could be. As a result, the state encouraged a moral panic about the social problems created by black muggers. This way the public scapegoated them rather than the state. The state put the problem onto black muggers.


Phil Cohen

Studied the Skinheads who faced poor job prospects and became violent towards ethnic minorities. They were territorial and the crimes they committed, in Cohen's opinion were a voluntary decision to fight capitalist inequalities.


Taylor, Walton and Young Evaluation

More contemporary than traditional Marxist theories. More believeable also- provides an explanation for the fact that some choose not to commit crime.


Hall et al Evaluation

Claims that black youths are no more criminal, but then go on to say that they are more criminal because of racism- an incredibly contradictory and therefore less believeable theory.


Reiner Evaluation

The Macpherson Report of Institutional Racism provides recent support that this canteen culture does exist in the police force today


Cohen Evaluation

Neo-Marxists have been criticised for analysing behaviours that the Skinheads themselves never articulated.



Suggests that police adopt a canteen culture as a result of their isolation from society. They are middle class, masculine and have racist atittude. This contributes to the criminalisation of BME groups as the police unfairly target them.