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Ruling Class
Acts are defined as criminal only when it is of advantage to the ruling class-
Crime is made by the ruling class and it is in their interests e.g 1349 Vagrancy Laws (government said due to work force shortage, people had to accept a low fixed wage, could not ask for higher wages). Didn't change for 200 years, only because too many poor people started to commit crimes so it was in their interests.


Chambliss Evaluation

His theory may be old, but explains that working classes have consistently been criminalised throughout History, and is therefore still relevant today.
Non-dom Status: someone who doesn't have to pay tax in the UK. Can avoid taxes. Status passed down family so it benefits the rich but wc get punished for not paying.
2011 Squatting Act.
But ignores that there are plenty of laws passed to benefit the working classes.


Marxist Theories of Crime

Crime stems from Capitalist society- therefore it is a social construction. Crime occurs as a result of social inequality.



Crime is socially constructed by the police, as a result of the structure of capitalist society. The police are an agent of the Bourgeoisie. They have a 'Canteen Culture' meaning they are suspicious, white, macho and homophobic and so are likely to look for crime within the working class or BME groups who identify with a different culture.


Reiner Evaluation

2011 Mark Duggan case, killed by police on suspicion of carrying a weapon. Covered up. But, more police are aware now due to Soc degree.