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Dr. P, a licensed psychologist, has been seeing a client in therapy for over 14 months with no apparent change in the client's Sxs. Dr. P should:
a) advise the client he's ethically obligated to terminate
b) raise for discussion the possibility of termination and referral to another Tx
c) search the literature for discussions of similar cases that have been treated by others
d) continue seeing the client since 14 months is not an unusually long time without significant change in Sxs

Correct B: "psychologists terminate Tx when it becomes reasonably clear that the Ct no longer needs, is not benefiting from or is being harmed by.


A split-brain patient will be able to do which of the following:
a) say the word spoon after it is projected to his left visual field
b) repeat a series of letters that have been whispered in his left ear
c) identify an odor that has been presented to his right nostril
d) identify a spoon with his left hand after the image of a spoon is projected to his left visual field.

Remember, in most people language is controlled by the left hemisphere and that most functions a