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Research on the impact of downsizing indicates ___ is a key contributor to survivor syndrome?

Perceived unfairness and inequity in the layoff procedures among employees.


Research investigating the effectiveness of treatments for conduct D/O has demonstrated that:

"boot camps" and "tough love" policies are less effective than parent management training and multisystems therapy.


Dr. Blue, a psychologist, is hired to administer tests for the purpose of evaluating current employees to determine if they should be considered for a raise. In this situation:

an informed consent from examinees should be obtained


In the context of Porter and Lawler's expectancy theory, ___ refers to the belief that meeting performance goals will lead to certain outcomes.



From the perspective of equity theory, a worker's motivation is related to his perception regarding?

input / outcome ratios


As defined by Beck, automatic thoughts are _____.

spontaneously triggered by specific circumstance and accompanied by emotional reaction.


Best describe the impact of pay on motivation from the perspective of equity theory.

An employee's perception about the fairness of pay is more important than the absolute pay.


A supervisor administers a test on the material covered in a training program to employees who have just completed the program in order to assess it's effectiveness. 6 months later he rates their job peformance and correlates the 2 scores. He obtains a correlation coefficient of .65. What is the bias?

Criterion contamination
(when knowledge of a person's performance on the predictor affects how he is rated, criterion contamination has occurred and will usually inflate the CC. .65 is high


In structural therapy, "joining" depends on ______.

The therapists ability to adapt to the family.


A child with Oppositional Defiance D/O is least likely to have________.

A high degree degree of physical aggression towards peers.


A person taking an SSRI in conjunction with an MAOI may develop ______, which is characterized agitation, confusion, tremor, unsteady gait, diarrhea, sweating and chills.

Serotonin Syndrome


Global Aphasia involves:

impaired comprehension, nonfluent speech and deficits in naming and repetition.


Tx has been seeing a couple for weeks. They seem reluctant to bring in their 13 y/o, but are convinced. It becomes clear that the girl has been sexually abused by the father. The father admits it when confronted and the daughter confirms it. Tx does not report it since it was in the past.

Unethical and Illegal.


Client tells Tx she's "having a lot of problems" with food. She's been on numerous diets over the years, always gains it back. No organic findings. For binge eating D/O or Bulimia Nervosa:

compensatory behavior is not a requirement for Binge eating D/O


When working in military settings:

client should be informed of potential limits to confidentiality at the outset of the delivery of services.


Dr. Columbo, a lic psych, is working in a community MH center. The parents of a 15 y/o girl bring her in for counseling. The parents are paying. As an ethical Dr...

clearly establish with the girl and her parents prior to therapy what the policy will be regarding the sharing of information with the parents.


Research comparing the children of hetero and homo parents have generally found that:

the children of gay/lesbians and heteros do not differ in terms of sexual orientation.


A psychologist conducts a custody eval for a divorce proceeding. In terms of making specific recommendation about custody, the psych should:

make a recommendation only if it is based on adequate psychological data and consideration of the best interest of the child.


According to Super's lifespan model of career development, a major task of the _____ stage is to update one's skills through training.



A listener is most likely to process a persuasive message peripherally if she is:

In a good mood.


As defined in the DSM-5, the essential feature of Delirium is:

a disturbance in attention and awareness.


Dr. Baron's husband owns an advertising agency catering to small business. One of Dr's new clients just started a business and tells Dr he needs some advertising. If Dr recommends her husband:

it's unacceptable because Dr has a therapeutic Rx with the client.


Greenberg and Shuman identify 10 "irreconcilable conflicts" between Tx and forensic Rx. Which Rx is NOT in this discussion:

In a Tx Rx Psych is care provider; in a forensic Rx his role is that of advocate.


I have two feets and I runned are examples of:



Which of the intermittent schedules of reinforcement produces the highest rate of responding and the greatest resistance to extinction?

Variable ratio


Kagan's research on cognitive style found that, in general, students who have a reflective style and take time to consider a question before answering it:

are more likely to answer questions correctly than are children who answer quickly.


An existential Tx is most likely to describe "existential anxiety" as:

a potential stimulus for growth.


Can you begin Tx with a former sexual partner?



Murphy, Debernardo & Shoemaker's survey of psychologists about the effect of managed care on their professional practice found that the most frequently cited negative effect was:

increased demands due to utilization review


How to increase a test's reliability coefficient:

Increase Sample Variance
ensure average p value close to .5
increase the number of items