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Tiedman & O'Hara's 1963 Theory of Career Dev was most influenced by the work of?

Knowing that they emphasize the role of the ego in career development would lead to the following influences: Erikson, Bruner, Piaget and Alport. Views career dev as being an aspect of ego identity development and as a process that continues throughout the lifespan.


For Salvador Minuchin, "psycho somatic families" (asthma, diabetes, or anorexia threaten the life of one child) are most likely characterized by...

weak boundaries between family members and limited opportunities for individual autonomy.


Which section of the APA's Ethical Principles of Psychologist and and Code of Conduct provide. "aspirational goals to guide psychologists toward the highest goal of psychology"

The preamble and general Principles.


how to assess the effects of 2 independent values on 3 dependent values. using a MANOVA instead of separate factorial ANOVAs in order to...

control the experimentwise error rate


Sexual dimorphism refers to:

differences in structure between males and females of the same species.


A score of 85 on the Lie (L) scale of the MMPI-2 indicates possibly...

the testee has a lack of insight into their own behavior


Equity theory predicts that a husband will feel best about his marriage if...

in terms of their relationship, he PERCEIVES that his give/receive ratio is the same give/receive ratio of his wife


The method of loci and other mnemonics are most useful for...

information that is not inherently meaningful.


Approximately _____ percent of left-handed people are left-hemisphere dominant for language

50 -60 % of leftys. 95-99% of rightys.