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How many in each category of Case Type 1, 2, and 3 patients must you complete in DHG 130?

7 Cast Type 1's
2 Case Type 2's
1 Case Type 3


How many patients are allowed to be pedo?

You're only allowed 1 pedo patient


How many full mouth series must you take?

1 full mouth


How many sets of bitewings?

3 sets of bitewings


What is the passing average in lecture and lab for DHG 130?



What age is considered pedo?

Age 13-17


Pocket Depths for each Case Type:

Type 1: 1-3mm
Type 2: 4-5mm
Type 3: 5-7mm
Type 4: 7mm or greater


What is considered a valid excuse for an absence?

A valid excuse is one that is written, dated, and signed by a doctor, lawyer, etc. on a office letterhead


Know each of the SHAPED notes thoroughly.

S- Subject: Gender, age, and reason for appointment; Ask the patient why he/she is here today, and write it down.

H- History: Medical history, dental history, vital signs, and medications patient is supposed to take & are taking. Allergies to medications.

A- Assessment: Visual findings- Intraoral/Extraoral, Occlusal, Hard Tissue, Periodontal, Bleeding Index, Plaque Index, X-ray, Periodontal diagnosis, Classification, and Prognosis for treatment

P- Plan: List everything you planned to do on this patient today; Use abbreviations

E- Execution: List what you did on the patient. If it's the same, write same as above. If a couple things different, write same as above except....

D- Disposition: List what should happen next and when.


Mx Concepts:

Determine if a patient may have or has had any conditions that may complicate any dental hygiene procedures such as:

Need for pre-med
Reduced capacity to resist infections
Be familiar with all drug allergies & interactions
Any emergency conditions
Any conditions needing clearance for treatment from pt. physician

Vital signs are important. All medications should be documented.


Dx Concepts:

Find out the following:
Problem or complaint
Cause of pain or discomfort
Previous dental hygiene and dental care
Attitude of the patient toward oral health care
Personal daily care

Obtain the name & address of patient's regular dentist or last seen dentist if any referrals are needed


What do you do with any "yes" responses on medical histories?

Circle in RED anything needed to be discussed or questioned and anything that's not normal


Know all vitals and normal ranges:

BP <130/ <85
Pulse 60-100 1min
Respiration: 14-20 1min
Temperature: 96.0-99.5


How is the final DHG 130 grade calculated?

50/50 lecture and lab


How many patient education evaluations do you have to complete?

1 adult 1 pedo OR 2 adults
2 completed


Where do you look up patient medications?

PDR Physician's Desk Reference