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What are the 4 core cognitive domains

Recent memory, language, visuospatial ability, executive function


Comprehension and effective manipulation of nonverbal, graphic or geographic information

Visuospatial ability


Broad term used to identify cognitive processes that regulate, control, manage other cognitive processes (planning, problem solving, inhibition, prioritization)

Executive function


Where is executive function regulated in?

Frontal lobe


What are signs of impaired executive function?

Poor time management, impaired planning, problem solving, disinhibition, poor error awareness, decreased independence, increased need for assistance


Forget one part of a problem while working on another part

Poor working memory


What are signs of poor working memory?

Difficulty summarizing, recall, repeating error behavior, difficulty holding events in mind, inability to identify and change behavior


Integrity of _____ appears to be a particularly strong prognostic indicator

Executive function


What are the most common etiologies of cognitive communication disorders?

Alzheimer, brain tumors, strokes, TBI


What are the potential impacts of cognitive communication impairment?

Loss of ability to assess one's own communication effectiveness, reduced memory, judgement, difficulty performing personal lifestyle management activities, reduced social communication


What behaviors should trigger an SLP referral?

Unresponsiveness to external stimuli, doesn't attend to others, no purposeful speech, extremely impaired attention and memory, difficulty responding, expressing needs, gestures, saying greetings, remembering names, limited eye contact, management of stress