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therapist: we should be planning for the future; decisions should be proactive

client: the present most important; decisions are made at this moment based on need for survival


therapist: we all have choices, which exist on a continuum. we can change our future by making good choices now

client: there is not much we can do to work against chance. this is our fate. polarized: one way or another.
common statements like "i quit", "i can't do it"


therapist: we need to plan ahead and set goals

client: i want to survive today. future: uncertain, unimportant. may not even live to experience it


therapist: important to discuss abstract subjects and even introduce academic topics when necessary

client: i do not value discussion of academic and abstract subjects. discussions should center around people, relationships, survival


therapist: authority: trustworthy, need to speak appropriately/respectfully to one another

client: authority figures represent system, which is inherently dishonest/unfair. so, it's ok for me to argue loudly with you