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ASHA presenter: there is no such thing as _____. It's a _____. Somebody ____ and somebody _____

justice; game; wins; loses


Treat every ____ you have and every ___ you write as potentially ending up in ____

conversation; report; court


When you write a report, ask yourself “is this ___ if it ends up in the hands of a ___?”

credible; lawyer


Your ___ and ___ can be ____ without your knowledge

reports; notes; subpoenaed


T/F: it's ok to say things over the phone

F: don't say ANYTHING over the phone!
(have in person; ideally record these conversations)


getting prepared for court (how should you look?)

dress conservatively
wear black and navy
minimal jewelry


getting prepared etc.
go when?
know where what is?
walk straight to what?
what makes a good impression on judge?

go early and check things out; bathrooms; the witness stand; if you are early


getting prepared etc.
bring what with you?
go over what with who?
remember that anything you use in your testimony may be _____ in its entirety by _____ _____

materials (reports, journals); these with lawyer beforehand; examined; opposing counsel


getting prepared etc.
It’s very important to review reports and documents before what?
witnesses who take long pauses to dig through documentation to answer questions come across as what?

you get on the stand
sloppy, unprepared, and less credible


if you see a big flaw, bring it whose attention before you go to court?



talk with the lawyer about who is assigned to your case and ask what?
also ask what they think will be the focus of what?

they plan to bring out in your testimony; cross-examination


while waiting for your turn, be quiet, attentive, and ____. don’t eat lunch, drink, text, or ____. what is ok to do?
don't get who mad at you before you get up to testify?

respectful; talk on phone; read a book; judge


on the stand (us dept. of justice 2015), you may be asked to ___ when others testify. stay alone; don’t sit with _____. when testifying, don’t ____. no fidgeting and keep _____

leave; anyone else; cross arms or legs; hands away from mouth


on the stand (us dept. of justice 2015),
speak slowly and____; attorneys may attack you and try to discredit you- this is ____? opposing attorney may try to do what? always remain ____; do not get upset!

clearly; a good sign; wear you down; calm


when questioned by opposing attorney, it is called ______.
basic purpose of this is to raise....

cross examination; doubts about the accuracy of your testimony


on the stand (us dept. of justice 2015), don't go beyond the data, purpose of the evaluation, or your ____. if you are unsure of something, you can ask for a ____. “can you please put that into a simple _____?”

scope of competence; repetition; declarative sentence


is it ok to say "i don't understand?"

yes. can also say: "will you please rephrase that"


stick to the facts, don't show ____. if you get mad, you lose ____. don't ever ____.

emotion or feeling; credibility; speculate!!


if the attorney tries to make you say yes or no, say things like...

At times….
The general rule is….
With exceptions….
“Your honor, if I answer yes or no, I’ll be giving misinformation. May I explain?”


if the attorney tries to make you say yes or no, can also say ____

"under certain conditions"


it’s ok to say what?

Be ____, do not volunteer extra information

You can always say “that’s my ____ opinion”

“I don’t remember”; succinct; expert


“Are you being paid for your testimony?”
“No, I’m being paid for my ____”

Take your time, you can say “I need a ____”

Watch ___ answers, they try to lead you down the garden path

If the attorney interrupts you, say _____ and then go on

time and expertise; moment; “yes”; “I’m not finished”


also, don't offer _____?
let the uncomfortable silence ____.
if asked a compound question, say ____?

additional information; sit there; “which part of the question would you like me to answer?”


call the judge _____?
use what in answers?
can you take time in answering questions?
is it ok to ask for a break?

"your honor" or "judge"; "sir" and "ma am"; yes- no need to rush; yes, you can ask


if someone objects, do what?
what does overruled mean?
what does sustained mean?

stop talking; overruled: you can answer; sustained: you should not answer, wait for next question


they may try rapid-fire questioning, so _____?

take your time answering


when asked "is that all?", say what? it leaves the door open for what?

“this is what I can recall at this particular time”; in case you remember something later


watch posture by doing what 3 things?

be sure to sit/stand tall; no slouching; good eye contact with everyone


when answering questions, don’t look at ____ too much. this makes you look like you are _____. it’s best to look at ____ as much as possible

your attorney; asking for help; jurors


re: relating to the jury, they _____ to be there either.
this is an _____ of their lives.
when you take the stand, do what?.
make the____ feel included- look at them, smile at them during testimony

don't want; interruption; smile at them and say hello; juror