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What does GCR stand for?

Gastrocolonic reflex


What does PPT stand for?

Preferred pooping time (probably can't document it like this)


What kind of test can you do to see how long it takes a SCI to ingest and subsequently defecate a meal?

Corn test


How long does a bowel program take from start to finish?

Up to 4 hours, 15-20 mins of actual stimulation


What do you call the instrument used for stimulation during a bowel program?

Dil stick


Why is doing a bowel program upright easier?

Gravity can assist


What kind of chair should be used during a bowel program?

One with a cut out, particularly to one side so that the patient can reach underneath to stimulate themselves. Better if the seat is reversible.


Once things get moving in the intestines, when does stimulation end?

5 minutes after the last stool is produced


What is one concern of the use of a dil stick?

Correct placement- hopefully the patient hits the right area despite lack of feeling which then prevents them from rubbing the wrong area and causing skin breakdown


Why is doing a bowel program in bed discouraged?

Dampens intimacy and a lack of gravity to assist if lying down


What are 4 different types of catheterizations?

IC- intermittent catheterization
Indwelling catheter
Condom catheters
Suprapubic catheters


How often is a patient supposed to cath themselves with an IC?

Every 4 hours


What is the most common issue with IC's?

Autonomic dysreflexia


Why is fluid intake an issue with SCIs?

They don't like to cath every 4 hours, so they reduce fluid intake, which leads to constipation


If traditional bowel programs do not work, what are some other options?

Suppositories and colostomy


What is the difference between a reflexic and an areflexic bladder?

The reflexic bladder empties with a stretch reflex, the areflexic bladder will not empty on its own, to the point of bursting if not taken care of.


What do patients with an IC bladder program have to think about at night?

Cut off times for drinking or setting a timer to get up in the night to IC. If they are already wake for repositioning it may not be a bad thing to throw in an IC.