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What are 5 ways for a SCI pt to get an erection?

~Penile pump
~MUSE (penile suppository)
~Penile implant


What are 2 main things a SCI pt need to do before sex?

~IC before and after sex
~Bowel program about 2 hours before sex


What are the 3 main problems for a male SCI pt?



What are 2 big risk factors for erectile dysfunction treatments?

~Priapism (prolonged erection) which can lead to permanent damage to the tissue
~Autonomic dysreflexia


Psychological- SCI patients

~males can possibly have a psychological erection still
~help by building confidence
~it isn't only about sex- be intimate by holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc
~Have to communicate ALOT


Do SCI patients still have periods?

~it may take 6 months to a year before they become normal again


How does sex change for female SCI pts?

~lubrication decreases (use a water based lubrication)
~the surface sensation and ability of muscles to contraction can change
~orgasms can take longer and/or feel different


Can female SCI pts get pregnant?



Areas of concern with female SCI pt?

~urinary accidents
~bowel accidents
~not satisfying a partner
~feeling sexually unattractive/ others viewing as unattractive
~not getting enough personal satisfaction
~preparation too much trouble
~loss of interest
~not liking methods for satisfaction
~autonomic dysreflexia (periods can also cause AD)
~verbal and physical abuse
~sexual dysfunction


What are some changes with a SCI pregnancy?

~ligaments become loosen
~changes BOS/ COM