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- power to influence others
- at the same time, resisting influence of others



- moral principles And codes of behaviour that must be abided by

- informed consent
- withdrawal rights
- confidentiality
- voluntary participation


Santrock (1999)

- children securely attached to mothers - become self reliant, perform better in school, fewer problems, successful peer relationships


individual differences in response to world events

- different due to personality differences


Kobasa (1979)

- had 600 executives / managers
- had them complete 2 surveys / questionnaires
- those who has high stress levels were sick alot
- those who has low stress levels, rarely sick
- hardy personalities = rarely sick
- resilience


- resilience



- sense of community

- how quickly one can recover from a stressful event
- sense of belonging or attachment to their community that individuals have


- community resilience

- need to think beyond vulnerability
- Julie Ann Pooley 2006
- Competent Communities
- able to identify needs/ issues
- work cooperatively to carry out plans and achieve goals
- people have a sense of community
- belonging or attachment
- resilient

- when community feels attached,
- means can grow, reduce stress


game theory

- area of mathematics concerned with the analysis of decision makers whos choices affect one another
- individual = 1 person deciding outcome
- interactive= no one can control the final decision or outcome
- ie group gamez


world events

- large scale events that affect more than one individual
- can be positive or negative


three factors that influence wether they are stressful

- predictability
- unpredictable: stressful and longer lasting impact

- no control over events
- more stressful and longer lasting impact

- experience threat/loss:
- influences if we find an event stressful or not therefore positive event can be stressful as u can lose


winning and losing in sport

- winning: commercial value to successful sports people and teams
- sponsorship and club support
- social cohesion

- losing: opposite occurs, lose support etc, less of a following


Winning and losing in gambling

- popular form of recreational activity in Australia
- negative consequences from losing


post traumatic stress disordsr

- it is common to experience exhaustion and headaches, physical

- poor concentration, disorientation, flashbacks are cognitive

- emotional: fear