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Explain two features of the Dawes act

Smaller groups of natives were easier to manage

Caused the natives to have to assimilate into white culture and trade with the homesteaders to survive


When was the great die up ?



Briefly outline the Johnson county war

1) great die up heightened tension
2) 1887 WSGA formed gathering political influence
3) 1889 Jim and Ella wrote article about the barons and were lynched
4) 1892 barons death list of 70
5) Nate holds them off until help arrived


What is significance about the lynching of Jim and Ella

No one was prosecuted for there deaths allowing barons to think they can get away with more deaths hense the death list of 70 names


Explain the importance of the great die up and new farming

Great die up lead to smaller ranches as cattle were easier to control

1874 Joesph Gliden makes barbed wire to help make smaller ranches and stop land arguments


Describe two features of the revolt of the northern earls

Catholic mass was held at Durham cathedral and John picklington fled and warned liz they were coming

Spanish reinforcements didn’t arrive so didn’t have strength in numbers and already felt defeated


Why was Mary Queen of Scott’s executed ?

Mary was a threat because every plot agianst liz was about putting Mary on the throne.
Only other person with claim
Active involvement in the babington plot 1585
Potential Spanish invasion coming


Was lack of foreign reinforcements the main reason why all catholic plots against liz failed ?

Northern earls failed due to this as Mary’s troops were outnumbered now bc Spain didn’t show meaning everyone felt defeated before beginning

Bond of association meant if liz was killed so was Mary so less catholics tried to fight liz
But overall most things failed because of Elizabeth’s spy network of Francis Drake and William Cecil and Walshingham.


When was the throckmorton plot



When was the ridolfi plot



When was the babington plot



Explain the potential Spanish attack on elizabeth ?

In 1857 it was rumoured that Spain was getting ready to attack on Mary’s behalf and was planning to despise of Elizabeth. This reinforces the threat Mary posed and encourage liz to sign her death warrant