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What are the PERC criteria (8)

Rule out PE without any of these:
>50 y/o.
HR > 100
O2 sat on RA>95%
Prior history of Venous Thromboembolism
Trauma/Surgery within 4 weeks
Unilateral leg swelling
Exogenous Estrogen/hormone use


Wells criteria

Clinical signs (3), alternative dx unlikely (3), hr>100 (1.5), immob prev 4d (1.5), previous dvt/PE (1.5), hemoptysis (1), malignancy (1).

PE unlikely I'd =/4


VT or VF cardiac arrest drugs

Epi 1mg q3-5min
Vasopressin 40U
Amiodarone 300mg bolus then second dose is 150mg bolus (for refractory VF/VT)

These are shockable rhythms


Reversible causes of cardiac arrest (VF/VT)

H's and T's:

Hypovolemia, hypoxia, hydrogen ion (acidosis), hypo/hyperkalcemia, hypothermia, (hypoglycemia)

TPx, tamponade, toxins, thrombosis pulm (PE), thrombosis coronary (MI), (trauma)


Rhythms that are shockable/not

Shockable VT/VF
Not shockable PEA/asystole


Cardiac arrest with PEA/asystole drugs

Epi 1mg q3-5min


tachycardia with pulse

Consider adenosine if regular and monomorphic. first does 6mg rapid IV push, follow with NS flush, second dose 12mg


Stable wide QRS tachycardia

Procainamide IV 20-50mg/min until arrhythmia suppressed, or max dose 17mg/kg, 1-4mg/min maintenance infusion. Avoid it long qt or chf

Amiodarone IV: first 150mg over 10 minutes, repeat of VT recurs, maintenance 1mg/min for first 6 hours

Sotalol IV: 100mg over 5min, avoid if long qt


Persisten bradycardia causing hypotension, acute AMS, shock signs, ischemic chest discomfort, acute heart failure

Give atropine: .5mg bolus q3-5min max 3mg

If atropine doesn't work:
Dopamine IV 2-10mcg/kg per minute
Epi IV 2-10mcg per min