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What is Kuapa Kokoo?

Cooperative of farmers in Ghana


What do Kuapa Kokoo do?

Sell part of their cocoa bean crop to Divine Chocolate Ltd who make fair trade chocolates like Dubble bars.


What financial benefit do farmers receive?

Extra $150 per tonne (that is 10% more than usual price)


What can groups of farmers also receive which help with community projects?

A premium


What training can farmers receive?

Training to help them deal with pest/disease such as the Black Pod


What can members of the group borrow?

Small amounts from a microcredit bank, known as the Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union


What have the farmers elected?

A trusted member who weighs and records cocoa beans, making trading official and people more accountable.


What are Kuapa Kokoo shareholders in?

Divine Chocolate Ltd so profits are invested in projects in Ghana.