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Where are most settlements found in Jamaica?

On coast.


Why are most settlements found on coast?

Easier for cargo ships to access island. Majority of island centre is rocky/mountainous, making it difficult to develop on top of.


What is an example of a rocky, mountainous area near the centre of the island?

Dry Harbour Mountains


What 6 factors influence people to visit Jamaica?

Climate, beaches, culture, history, famous people and nature.


Why does the climate entice people to Jamaica?

Average of 26 all year, no cold months and very low rainfall.


Why do the beaches entice people to Jamaica?

White sand.
Clear, warm Caribbean Sea.
Opportunity for diving, wildlife and coral.


Why does the culture entice people to Jamaica?

People are made more aware of culture and sports due to films like Cool Runnings


Why does the history entice people to Jamaica?

Mansion houses or historic plantation houses may now be museums.
Allows tourists to learn about history and relation to British colonies.


Why do famous people entice people to Jamaica?

Usain Bolt and Bob Marley's worldwide success entice tourists to learn about their homeland.


Why does the nature entice people to Jamaica?

Beautiful natural features such as waterfalls like Dunns waterfall.


Where is Jamaica?

North America, very close to South America and surrounded by Caribbean Sea. Haiti and Cuba are closest neighbours.


What are the negative economic impacts of tourism?

Skilled Jamaicans leave for higher paid work abroad.
Economic leakage.
Money often concentrated in resorts, increases inequalities in other parts of country.
Jobs in tourism often seasonal.


What are the positive economic impacts of tourism?

Makes 20% of GDP.
Well paid by Jamaican standards.
Multiplier effect.
Taxes paid help develop country.
People living in tourist resorts become richer with money spent by tourists.


What tropical destination in Jamaica needs protecting?

Font Hill.


In Font Hill, what animals are endangered?

Manatees, sea turtles, crocodiles and seals.


In Font Hill, what animals are there?

Lobsters and conks, birds, crocodiles, coral reefs


How many species of bird are there at Font Hill?



How many crocodiles are there at Font Hill?



What has happened to many crocodiles at Font Hill?

Displaced or killed


What has happened to sea grass and mangroves in Font Hill?

Sea grass removed (normally keeps sand stable) and mangroves bulldozed (normally protect freshwater from saltwater).


How many acres of property are own by oil companies in Font Hill?

3000 acres


In Font Hill, what has happened to native forests?

90% cut down


In Font Hill, what are there plans for?

Oil refinery, agriculture, housing and hotels, golf course and airport. Large plan development leads to rapid urbanisation.


In Font Hill, what happened to fish nurseries?

Poor practices destroyed them


What could be developed in Font Hill?

Areas for science, technology and education. Strengthen economy and brings in additional money alongside a tourism.


(Sustainable tourism) where does Half Moon get its produce from?

90% from local providers


(Sustainable tourism) what initiative has been set up to support local communities with tourism?

Meet the People. Guests are matched with one of 700 Jamaican volunteers and children can partake.


(Sustainable tourism) what is Half Moon?

400 acre luxury resort in Jamaica which has achieved Green Globe Benchmark certification.


What has Half Moon done to its energy bill? (Sustainable tourism)

Recorded a 5% drop due to several conservation initiatives.


(Sustainable tourism) what are some of the conservation initiatives introduced by Half Moon?

Water treatment plant.
Replacing high wattage bulbs with lower energy bulbs.
Resort practices policy of self sufficiency, such as making own furniture.


(Sustainable tourism) what are Hotel Mockingbird Hill's two identified main areas of environmental concern?

Climate change and water conservation.


(Sustainable tourism) What have Hotel Mockingbird Hill adopted?

Emission-reducing goals by changing main source of energy from fossil fuels to renewables. Compensates every drop of water used with recycling and conservation programmes.


Describe carbon offset programme launched by owners of Hotel Mockingbird Hill? (Sustainable tourism)

Encourages guests to donate $10 which is passed on to Jamaican Conservation and Development Trust.


(Sustainable tourism) What is Green Castle Estate?

In Robins Bay and 1600 acres. One of largest orchid and organic farms in Caribbean.a


(Sustainable tourism) what did Green Castle Estate recently form?

Green castle Tropical Study Centre which supports surrounding rural communities and attracts students/researchers to study land use and its effects on ecosystems and people.


(Sustainable tourism) what is Mystic Mountain?

In Ochos Rios. Eco friendly adventure park on over 100 acres of land. Contains diverse ecosystems.


(Sustainable tourism) what diverse ecosystems does Mystic Mountain contain?

Natural springs.
Tropical plants.
Variety of birds.


(Sustainable tourism) How was construction of Mystic Mountain different?

Chairlift foundations installed by helicopter, significantly reduced environmental disturbance and eliminated need for roadway.


(Sustainable tourism) How much bobsled track was used at Mystic Mountain and how was it transported?

1000m hand carried and laid on the natural limestone cliffs.


(Sustainable tourism) What are the energy requirements at Mystic Mountain?

Over 90% of requirements are generator supplied with unique specifications designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by over 60%.


(Sustainable tourism) What does Jake's resort in Calabash Bay buy?

As much produce as possible within 10 miles of resort. Generates business and sustains local suppliers.


(Sustainable tourism) what initiatives does Jake's Resort take?

Pool filtered with salt water - no chemicals.
Rooms cooled by fan only.
Use recycled water for irrigation.
Solar heating.
Provides fresh water bottle refills - cuts down plastic use.


(Sustainable tourism) what have the co-owners of Jake's Resort founded?

Not for profit foundation called Breds which aided a local school and trained a lifesaving tea for sea rescue.


(Sustainable tourism) what does Dolphin Head Trust do?

Works to protect 3000 acres of biologically diverse Dolphin Head Mountains, near Montego Bay.


(Sustainable tourism) what is the Dolphin Head Trust?

Non government organisation dedicated to conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in and around the Dolphin Head Forest Reserve.


(Sustainable tourism) what does the area of the Dolphin Head Forest Reserve contain?

Orchids, ferns, bromeliads and bird life. Visitors can learn about medicinal plants and historical and cultural elements of area.


(Sustainable tourism) what is the Royal Palm Preserve near Negril designed to do?

Protect and conserve protected area of Negril Great Morass and its wetland flora and fauna.


(Sustainable tourism) what does the Royal Palm Preserve near Negril aim to do?

Raise level of awareness, knowledge and understanding about Negril Great Morass, and to provide opportunities to citizens of neighbouring communities.


(Sustainable tourism) what do the opportunities provided by the Royal Palm Preserve near Negril enable?

Income generation through direct employment, training and facilitation of sustainable livelihood projects in the community.