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Yachana Eco Lodge

How much protected forest is at Yachana?

1200 hectares

Yachana Eco Lodge

What other features does the Eco lodge have?

1000s of species and a range of eco activities

Yachana Eco Lodge

Where is it?

Ecuador - Amazon rainforest. Tributary of Napo River.

Yachana Eco Lodge

Why might people visit?

See indigenous people.
Variety of wildlife.
Nice views/rare scenery.

Yachana Eco Lodge

What can you do there?

Rainforest hiking.
Bird watching.
Swimming in Napo River.
Traditional Mokaua pottery making.
Participate in ceremonies.
Visit local villages/biological research centres.

Yachana Eco Lodge

How does the lodge help the environment?

Better protected and trees not cut. Small scale means less pollutants and resources used. Levels of co2 controlled and renewables and recycling help.

Yachana Eco Lodge

Why are trees no longer cut down?

Economic asset

Yachana Eco Lodge

What can people now afford thanks to ecotourism?

Luxuries like TVs

Yachana Eco Lodge

How does ecotourism help the locals?

Extra money generated is spent on healthcare and education, increasing life expectancy and literacy levels. More money reduces need to migrate to cities for work. Leads to wider range of ages amongst people in Amazon.