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He does Murdoch define 'Family'?

A social group characterised by common residence, economic cooperation and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship with one or more children, own or adopted.


What is a household?

A person living alone or with a group sharing meals, bills, housework etc. They may or may not be related, and you live with them out of choice.


Name two differences between a household and a family?

1. A household is out of choice
2. A household can not be blood related


What is the cereal packet family?

The "ideal" family type- seen on adverts and product packaging.


What affect does Gittins think that the nuclear family has on other family types?

The nuclear family appears an ideology and therefore other family types feel abnormal and less desirable.


What family types tend to be stigmatised? (5)

1. Homosexual
2. Big families on benefits
3. Lone mothers
4. Young parents
5. Divorced couples with children


What is a beanpole family?

A family whereby each generation only has a few members. May be due to declining birth rates


What is a horizontally extended family?

Family extended in terms of aunts, uncles and cousins living together as a family unit.


What is a vertically extended family?

The family is extended in terms grandparents and great grandparents living together as a family unit


What is a modified extended family?

These are families who don't live with their extended family however are in close and regular contact.


What is a lone parent household?
Who prefer this term to lone parents families and why?

A lone mother or father living with their dependent child/ren (no step parent)
Crow and hardy prefer this as it's more precise- living together in one house.


Give five reasons for the increase in lone parent households?

1. Changing attitudes- less stigma attached to children being raised by one parent.
2. Increasing divorce rates
3. Increased teenage pregnancy
4. Women more economically independent
5. More cohabiting couples therefore easier to leave unhappy relationships


How would the new right view lone parent households? (2)

1. Incorrect socialisation if children due to a lack of one of the parental roles.
2. No male role model to aspire to (if lone mother)


What reason does Murray offer for why here has been an increase in lone mothers?

The welfare state providing generous benefits for lone mothers.


How do Ford and Millar flaw Murrays reasoning for the increase in lone mothers?

People wouldn't choose to live alone and on benefits as the quality of life is much lower .


How would feminists view lone mothers?
What does Graham say?

It's a positive thing as it shows women can choose to be independent of male domination and a family type that suits them
Graham says mothers welcome the independence and opportunity to take control of their own lives.


How does Haskey define a reconstituted family?

Married or a cohabiting couple with dependent children, at least one of which is not the biological offspring of both partners.


What are De'Ath and Slater's four problems with reconstituted families?

1. Children pulled in two direction
2. Tense relationships between step parents and children
3. Stress placed on new partnership
4. Tensions between new siblings


What did Bedell say about reconstituted families and specifically the role of the stepfather?

Reconstituted families offer the chance of a successful, happy partnership. However, step fathers' roles are not clearly defined leaving them uncertain of where they stand. Don't know whether they can be the disciplinarian or not.


Name three policies introduced in order to make same sex couples more equally treated in society:

1. Same sex couples able to adopt (2002)
2. Civil partnerships act (2004)
3. Same sex marriage (2014)


What did Jeffrey Weeks (gay rights activist) say resulted from the increase is social acceptance of same sex couples?

The trend in same sex cohabitation and healthy homosexual relationships resembling those found amongst heterosexuals.


What is a one person household?

A person living alone.


Give 3 reasons as to why lone person households have increased?

1. Increase in divorce rates and women are more likely to have custody of the children (more male one person households.
2. Decline in numbers marrying as it's less stigmatised to not be married
3. Increasing amount of widows- longer life expectancy and men tend to die before women. Also women tend to marry older men.


Define polygamy:

Having multiple partners in a marriage, meaning more than one wife or husband


Define polygany:

Having multiple wives- socially acceptable in subsaharan Africa where women have fewer rights


Define polygandry:

Having multiple husbands- only found in rural areas of Tibet as there are fewer women


What is a kibbutz?

A group of people who live together communally with shared ownership of land. Meals eaten together in the dining hall but each family has their own apartment. Originally children were brought up by kibbutz mothers seeing their parents a few hours each day, however recently children don't leave until they are teens.


Where would you find a kibbutz and how common are they?

Uncommon, only 3% of Israel population live in a kibbutz


What are two advantages of living in a kibbutz?

Socialised in the same way to agree with the same norms and values.
Are accustomed to being surrounded by others.