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Who do the Marxist feminists see as the oppressors?

Upper class men


What to MF's believe is the cause of female exploitation?



What are Eli Zaretsky's three functions for women?

1. Mother- socialise children into ignoring inequality
2. Wives- create nice atmosphere for husbands to return to
3. Reserve army labour- when men can't do something, women can take over. This means there will always workers. Used temporarily and let go when no longer needed to return to primary role as mother


What is Fran Ansley's study concerning women absorbing anger?

Women are the "takers of shit"- they soak up the anger and frustration due to exploitation of their husbands at the workplace. The anger is justified as they are exploited however tit should be targeted at the system not their wives.


What do Marxist feminists believe will solve female exploitation?

The family must be abolished as well as there being a socialist/communist revolution against capitalism.


How would radical feminists criticise Marxist feminists?

Patriarchy is part of society, a revolution against capitalism will not change societies view on gender roles.