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What is the source of women's suppression according to radical fems?

Men. They are the enemy and oppress women on purpose


What are the two key institutions in a patriarchal society? (Rf)

The family and marriage
The family establishes gender roles- man goes to work, woman stays at home.
Marriage makes it harder for women to be independent.


What is separatism?

Women living independently from men


How do radical feminists think that patriarch will be abolished?

By abolishing the family


What is political lesbianism?

Choosing to be homosexual in order to live independently from men


What is Greer's alternative to heterosexual households?

Matrilocal households- all female


What is a Matrifocal household?

When the woman of the house is the breadwinner


What is Somerville's criticism of radical feminism?

RF's don't recognise the progress made by women in society- more women in work and more educational opportunities.


Name 5 ways in which women's position in the family has improved?

1. More women in work meaning more control over finance
2. Spousal rape laws
3. Family planning due to the pill and abortion
4. Domestic abuse laws
5. Easier to divorce


How could you criticise separatism?

People don't choose their sexual orientation and heterosexual attraction renders the abolition of the nuclear family unlikely


What are one of the liberal feminists main ideas of how women are oppressed?

Socialisation into traditional gender roles


How are people socialised into traditional gender roles?(2)

1. Colour coding babies clothes and bedroom walls - boys blue, girls pink
2. Children's toys- boys play with cars and tools, girls play with babies and ovens and barbies (establishing beauty from an early age)


Give 3 examples of masculine characteristics and how they lead to male domination and women suppression?

1. Physically and emotionally strong
2. Authoritative and protective
3. DIY- leads to doing these sorts of domestic chores, women doing less rewarding jobs


Give 3 examples of feminine characteristics:

1. Sensitive, emotionally and physically weak
2. Nurturing and maternal
3. Pretty and appealing


What's the dual burden?

Liberal feminists believe that women have the burden of both paid work and domestic work.


What is the triple shift?

Radical feminists believe women carry out paid work, domestic work and emotional work.


What is cultural lag?

Views have changed however actions have not yet caught up. People generally believe there should be equality yet don't act this way


How does the family exploit women according to radical feminists? (4)

1. Women don't have access to finance
2. Not used in the workplace therefore cannot be fulfilled by a career
3. No warm bath atmosphere for women
4. Leave work when they have children therefore can't ascend up the job ladder


What do difference feminists believe?

We cannot generalise about all women's experiences in the family as not all women live in a nuclear family. Exploitation can also be due to class, ethnicity and sexuality.