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What is a primitive communist society?

No private property, all members of society sharing means of production and classless


What does Engels say happened when means of production began to increase?

Society became wealthier resulting in private property. From this stemmed the patriarchal monogamous nuclear family


What are the four key functions of the family that fulfil the needs of capitalism?

1. Reproducing labour power by reproducing next generations
2. Inheritance of private property meaning the power stays in one class
3. Socialising people into accepting inequality- false class consciousness
4. Creates a source of profit for the capitalists


Why did monogamy become important with the increase in private property?

Wealth could be shared within the family, not the whole of society. Inheritance line clearer


What did Engles say the nuclear family did to women?

'World historical defeat of the female sex'
Brought women's sexuality under male control and turned her into an 'instrument for the production of children'


How will the patriarchal nuclear family be abolished according to Marxists?

By over throwing capitalism.
Because with everyone sharing means of production there will be no possessing of private property. Therefore men won't control women's sexuality and the nuclear family won't exist as they don't need a line of inheritance.


Is all ownership still passed down through the nuclear family?

Most property is sold, however business, wealth and land is still handed down.


According to Marxists, how do the family socialise children?

The family passes on a set on beliefs and values idealised by capitalists. These justify inequality and convince people that the system is fair.


What is parental power?

Parental power is parents' power over children, which teaches children to accept that someone will always be in charge. E.g at work you will answer to a boss.


What did Zaretsky (MF) believe was an illusion about the family?

The family is meant to provide a comfortable environment for the exploited workers to return to and be themselves. However this is an illusion as women are exploited at home there the family does not meet all of its members needs


How does capitalism exploit workers?

By not paying them enough however their labour generates a large wealth for the bourgeoisie


How do the bourgeoisie generate profit other than from their workers?

The family buys the products made in the capitalist society


How do the bourgeoisie encourage families to buy its products? (3)

1. Adverts
2. Pester power- media targets children who pester their parents
3. Children who lack the latest gadgets het mocked and stigmatised by their peers


How would a functionalist critique Marxists?

Ignore the benefit of the family, e.g being supportive, intimate and having security


Radical feminist critique of Marxism?

The problem is not class it's gender. They commit economic determinism- take a complex issue e.g family and boil it down to just being about money .