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What do the new right believe family diversity/ fatherlessness results in?

Incorrect socialisation forming the underclass: delinquents, criminals, don't know where they stand in society


What do the new right think is the ideal family type?

The nuclear family


What is dependency culture?

People on benefits are dependent on the welfare state and won't work to earn money.


How would the new right deal with preventing the underclass and dependency culture?

1. Encourage nuclear family- make divorce harder
2. Take away benefits
3. Socialise everyone in the same way to create stronger community spirit


What problems can spur from the new rights idea of an ideal society?

1. People staying in unhappy marriages (incorrect socialisation of children and domestic violence)
2. Increase in poverty


What was Charles Murray's study of the underclass?

He visited UK inner city areas between 1989 and 1994 and found that each visit the situation worsened and that the underclass has increasing social problems.


What was Dennis and Erdos' study - families without fathers 2000

Increasing numbers of children born outside of marriage and are raised by single mothers meaning they don't have anyone to look up to and are not aspirational. Boys grow up not understanding their place in society


Give three criticisms of the new right views:

1. Value judgements- assume everyone has the same values
2. Blames the victims of the system
3. They erase past events that they don't like e.g women's liberation etc