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What are the main. Functions of a file manager?

- establish and maintain the investigation HQ
- operate the paperflow and associated structure IAW the Serious Crime document management system
- manage the electronic and physical files relating to the investigation
- support the 2IC by reading all documents for the purpose of highlighting important info to the 2IC
- assist with prep of the prosecution file
- assist with the management of the trial


What are the two systems used to manage information and documents in a homicide or serious crime investigation?

- Crime Investigation Database CID
- Serious Crime Template SCT


Where there is no logistics manager, the file manager must liaise closely with the 2IC to establish the requirements for the Investigation HQ, including:

- communications
- ICT requirements
- transport
- office support staff
- locations
- equipment


To ensure an effective communication flow within the investigation, the file manager must:

- advise staff to set up email folder within own email directory
- set up and manage electronic staff folders from within the investigation folder
- generate a NIA file number
- source necessary stationary
- set up in-trays
- provide investigative staff with new notebooks


Document handling processes

1) Document meets the expected standard
2) Ensure any attachments are attached
3) Documents ars in plastic sleeves
4) Allocate document number
5) Document number on label and attached to plastic sleeve
6) Read document, initial assessment, bring critical info to the attn of the 2IC


The file manager (under the direction of the 2IC), must review the file IOT:

- establish if any enquiries remain outstanding
- the enquiries underway are still relevant
- prepare for any external reviews


What are the File Manager set up tasks?

1) Become familiar with the File Managers desk file
2) Become familiar with the Serious Crime document management system
3) Access pre loaded SCT
4) Set up CID and SCT
5) Ensure all documents submitted have a file path name disayed
6) Once CID operation and SCT have been established for the investigation:
- load staff QID into CID
- secure folder enterprise system and contact helpdesk to enable access to investigation staff secure folder