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What are the principles guiding the management of witnesses?


- manner in which witnesses are TREATED will significantly affect how they co-operate
- investigators must understand the ACTIONS expected of them
- necessity to interact PROFESSIONALLY with every witness


On some occasions it may be necessary to conduct a prompt preliminary interview which may provide:

- early identification or arrest of a suspect
- recovery of evidence or info relevant to the offence
- prevention of the imminent disposal or destruction of evidence connected to the investigation
- prevention of the commission of other offences


How may other witnesses be located?

- viewing CCTV
- area canvas
- suspect interviews
- road check points
- media release and appeals
- interviews with other witnesses/victims
- anniversary appeals


Depending on available resources, initial enquiries may be confined to certain areas, such as within line of sight or earshot of these locations:

- place where the victim was last seen alive
- place where initial contact with suspect took place
- place where the victim was assaulted
- murder site
- body deposition site


Preliminary interview should be:

- conducted in accordance with the Police manual chapter - Investigative Interviewing guide
- limited to TEDS questions
- framed to elicit a brief account


What should an initial witness assessment cover?

- whether witness requires special consideration
- availability of the witness
- any needs the witness has for special assistance
- the optimum approach to be taken with the witness


What does a witness interview plan cover?

- time and location of the interview
- the amount of information to be disclosed to the interviewer
- setting interview objectives
- supporting the interview - monitor
- structure of the interview - recorded on video, audio or written


What are some Police responsibilies to witnesses?

- ensuring court appearance
- court proceedings - ensure the witness is fully briefed
- witness order
- refreshing memory - signed statements/transcripts


Witness control - ensure witnesses do not:

- have any contact or communication with jurors
- discuss the case in public areas while waiting to give evidence
- discuss the case with witnesses waiting after they have given evidence