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What types of protocols can be used for file servers?

1) AFP (Apple Filling Protocol)
2) SMB/CIFS (Server Message Block/ Common Internet File System)
3) NFS (Network File System)
4) WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
5) FTP (File Transfer Protocol)


How does a user access shared files stored on personal computers and file servers on the network?

1) browser for the computer by name in the Finder Window
2) Enter the computer's IP address directly in the "Connect to Server dialog box.


What are the steps to connect a computer or server by browsing?

1) Finder/ "Go" / "Connect to Server"
2) Click Browse (Finder window displays network computers with sharing turned on)
3) Search for the computer or server's name
4) Select it and click Connect As
5) Enter user name and password and select volumes or shared folders on the server. (Use keychains to remember user name and password)


What are the steps to connect directly to Windows file server?

1) Finder/ "Go"/ "Connect to Server"
2) Type the network address for the computer or server in the Server Address field using:
- smb:// DNSname/ sharename (DNSname is the domain name of the server)
- smb://IPaddress/ sharename (IPaddress is teh server's IP address)
(Sharename is the name of the shared volume to be mounted)
3) Click connect
4) For "Connect as" select Registered User and enter the user name and password you were provided by the server administrator.


How does a user allow other networks users to connect to their Mac to share files?

Create a special file-sharing account and turn on file sharing in System Preferences.


What pieces of information are need to authorize access to a users shared files?

1) The IP or Bonjour address of our Mac
2) The user account name for the account on your Mac that has file sharing turned on
3) The user account password for the file-sharing account on your Mac


What is Bonjour?

The OS X auto network-discovery feature


What is the default for file sharing?

Mac administrator account has full read and write access, all others have only read access.


What are the steps to share select folders?

1) Apple Menu/ System Preferences/ Sharing
2) Select File Sharing box
3) Click Add (+) at the bottom of the Shared Folders list, the locate the folder, select it, and click Add.
4) By Default, any user set up on that Mac in the Users & Groups preferences can connect to your Mac over the network. Administrators can access the entire computer.
5) Select the user in the User list, then click the triangles next to the user name and choose the level of access the user should have to the selected folder.
6) Five authorized users your computer's IP or Bonjour address and the user name and password they should use to share files with your computer.


What are the options to give only specific users access to a shared folder?

Always select the folder in the shared folders list and click Add (+) at the bottom of the Users list:
- Select a user from the Users & Groups, which includes all the users of your Mac.
- Select a user from Network Users or Network Groups, which includes everyone on your network.
- Select a person from your contacts. Create a password for the person, then click Create Account.


What are the different levels of access for file sharing?

1) No Access: Only available on the "Everyone" option and users can't see or copy files from the folder.
2) Read & Write: user can see and copy files to and from the folder
3) Read Only: user can view the contents of the folder but can't copy files to it.
4) Write Only (Drop Box): User can copy files to the folder but can't view its contents.


What protocol is mainly used by Windows computers to provide shared network access?

Server Message Block/ Common Internet File System


What is the file sharing protocol used by Mac?

Apple Filing Protocol


What is the file sharing protocol used by Windows?

Server Message Block/ Common Internet File System


What are the steps to enable personal file sharing for Windows and Mac users?

1) Apple Menu/ System Preferences/ Sharing
2) Select File sharing box/ click Options
3) Select files and folders using SMB (Windows) or Share files and folders using AFP. (User can select both)
4) Click Done.