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What is NTFS?

You must grant share permissions and NTFS permissions to access this
Disk volumes formatted with NTFS
NTFS known as basic permissions
Include full control, modify, read & execute, read, write
Can use encryption and permissions to restrict file access to specific users


What is FAT32 and FAT?

Popular in early version of windows (95,98, Millennium, NT and 2000)
FAT32 limited to 32gb
FAT32 volume is 4gb
Many usb drives are formatted as FAT32 to be compatible with a variety of operating systems


What is ReFS?

New file system with server 2012
Increase data availability
Integrity - stores data so it is protected from common error that can cause data loss, it can detect it and correct the corruption
Availability - if corruption cannot be repaired, the online salvage process is localized to the area of corruption, requiring no volume downtime


What atre the different permissions that are available?

Full control - read, write, modify and execute, change attributes and permissions, take ownership of a folder/files within it
Modify - read, write, modify and execute
Read and execute - display a folders contents and run files
Read - read only
Write - write a file, read or change files attributes