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What are identity services?

Provides credentials that can be registered with an Access Control Service ACS, eg Azure, allowing users to authenticate directly with an ACS and receive a token for accessing the ACS


What is azure directory?

Stores, organizes and provides access to info in a directory for managing and administering
Azure active directory AAD is a cloud based IaaS - used for identity management and access control
AAD has been the identity provider for Office365 since before it was made public


What is Active Directory Federation Services AD FS?

Admins to configure SSO (single sign on) for web based apps across a single or multiple organizations without requiring users to remember multiple user and passwords
Enables you to configure internet-facing B2B apps between organizations


What is a company portal?

Intune Company Portal provides self service connection point for users to request help and select apps to install
Access to perform - adding/removing computers from Intune, install apps and contacting tech support
Modify what company portal looks like through an admin console - name, contact name, phone numbers, emails, website, theme colours etc


What are work folders?

Store and access work files on a sync share from multiple devices
Only individual data and do not support sharing files between users


What is azure remoteapp?

Connect to Azure using RDS from your corporation on-premises
RDP is a protocol to render display output, then sent in packets to the RDP client. On client RDP is used to send mouse and keyboard inputs to the server


What is BYOD?

Standards, restrictions and procedures for end users who have authorization access to company data from personal devices
Accessing Windows store aligns with your companies policies
Sideloading - bypassing the app store and installing apps on managed devices


What is "join windows 10 devcies"?

Workplace Join - join devices to org netwrok without joing the AD Domain
AAD Join - join in Azure AD and users sign into windows in AAD while having SSO access to office365 and on-premises services that use AD authentication


What can be used to deploy and manage servers running windows server 2012 r2 on microsoft azure?

Microsoft azure vm tools
System center 2012 r2 virtual machine manager (VMM)
System center 202 r2 app controller



Focusses on fucntionality.