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What are the key features of Windows 10?

Robust and flexible system
Supports mobile devices
Live tiles on start menu
Menu is a blend of windows 7 start menu and windows 8 start screen


What does the settings application allow you to do?

System allows configure display, notifications, apps, multitasking, power and sleep etc
Devices allows access to hardware eg printers


What is a Microsoft account?

Sync desktop across multiple windows 10 devices


What is a Local account?

members of workgroups to provide access to that computer only


What is a domain account?

AD account - stored as objects on a dc, used to authenticate the user and grant authorization to specific domain resources


What is MMC?

Microsoft Management Console MMC.


What does MMC allow you to do?

Admin tool to manage windows and many network services
Create, save and open various admin tools
Device manager is a snap-in forMMC


What are some of the functionalities that you can do with the taskbar?

Pin programs to taskbar
Jump list - hover the mouse over an icon to preview a list of several programs


What are user profiles?

Series of folders within a user account that contains personal docs etc. stored on local hard disk


What is roaming user account?

copy of local user stored on a shared server drive. Accessible from anywhere on the network


What are mandatory accounts?

roaming profile that users cannot change. Enforce particular desktop settings for individuals/groups


What is a super mandatory account?

requires the user to access the server-based profile or the logon fails


What is a group policy?

Settings to restrict certain actions, make systems secure or standardize a working environment.
Control registry, NTFS security, an audit, security policy, software installation, folder redirection, offline folders, log on and off scripts


What is drive encryption?

converting data into a format that cannot be read by another user


What is decryption?

encrypted to original format to be viewable


What is EFS?

Encrypting File System-encrypt files on an NTFS volume. Cannot be used unless the user has keys required to decrypt.


How do you know a file has been encrypted?

File turns green once encrypted on EFS



BitLocker is only for simple volumes.
BitLocker BDE since Vista and Server 2008 can use a TPM microchip built into hard drive.


What does EFS allow you to do?

Encrypt files stored in windows 2000, xp professional and server 2003
Protect data while it's transferred from one system to another
Symmetric - one key to encrypt
Asymmetric - two keys to protect encryption key
Occurs at file-system level - transparent to the user
Efs keys are protected by the user's password.


What is identiry services?

provides cresentila shtta can be registrered with an acces control service such as azure. Allows users to autherinticate with an cs and recieve a token.


Directory service?

Organises, and provides access to information in a directory