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What is the cloud?

Network of servers, each server performs a different function(some deliver and some perform)
Share resources and technology across multiple users
Microsoft defines a public cloud as a web based service hosted outside your organization


What is intune?

Cloud based management solution to manage your computer when they aren't inside your corporate network
Helps manage computers and mobile devices through a web console
Provides tools, reports and licenses to ensure your computer is current and protected
Deploys a client agent on each device you want to manage
Can install on Windows XP Professional SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1
Can deploy on physical and virtual machines
Intune Groups - organize and manage computers and users. You can deploy policies, software packages and software updates to them at once.
Intune can help deploy security polices to mobile phones and to perform wipes.
Manage mobile devices directly or through Exchange ActiveSync
Can manage windows phone 8/8.1 devices, IOS and Android
To install Intune you must be in Administrator


What is azure?

Cloud computing platform
Building, deploying and managing applications
Can also use System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager VMM and App Controller
Cloud services
SQL database
Azure Fabric Controller FC is responsible for provisioning and monitoring the condition of the azure compute instances
Stores 3 copies of your data within a single region


What is hyper v?

Hyper V is for x64 computers starting with server 2008
Installed between the hardware and operating system
Sometimes called a VMM


What is Azure rights management RMS?

Uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure your files and email across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs—and can protect inside and outside your organization
Provides an extra level of security.
RMS determines what can be done to a file.


What is Azure directory domain services AD DS?

The Microsoft directory services that are used to locate and manage resources such as computers, users, and printers. AD DS is usually associated with Windows computers. AD DS is also responsible for the user logon process, authentication, authorization, and directory searches.


What is Azure application proxy?

Azure Application Proxy, is a service that lets you publish IIS-based on-premises applications. Application Proxy premieum edititon is required if you want to provide access to these applications to the users outside your network.


What is remoteApp?

Azure remoteapp lets you run the same application, with the same configuration, on different clients. The application is stored and executes on a server. Screens and keystrokes are passed between the server and the client?


Which features are supported by directory sync and password sync integration??

Users can sign in and access cloud services with their on premises password.
Incremental updates to the on-premise Active directory are suynced to the cloud automatically.


What is DAC and when should you use it?

You should use DAC when you need different access permissions based on the type of device used to access network resources. You can configure DAC access permissions through rules based on factors such as data sensitivity.
Is a feature available in Active directory that allows admins to create policies that govern files with certain attributes.


What is Azure SQL and Azure search an example of?

These are both Platform as a service because both provide applicatiuon devlopment enviroment and tools. Sql lets you design and implement relational databases and build database application and application back ends. Search is used to build custom search applicaytion.


Azure Storage?

Is a Saas it provides hosted storage sapace which the client can configure to meet specific storage needs.


What does intune install a device?

Microsoft intune installs a client agent on each device that it is going to manage.


What can you dpelot intune on?

Physical and virtual machines.


What is intune groups?

Intune groups are used to quickly organise and manage your computers and users.
These groups apply only to intune and not AD groups. You can deploy intune policies and software packages and updates to them.


What is query based membership in intune?

Query based membership, membership is based from querying your active directory. Looking at your active directory.


What is direct membership in intune?

Direct membership is when you manually create users within the group/.


Do client devices need to be managed by intune in order to be part of the domain?



What is exchange ActiveSync?

You can manage mobile devices directly or through ActiveSync. It can be used to manage Windows Phone 8/8.1 devices, IOS devices and android devices.


What are the requirements for azure replication?

An azure account with azure site recovery must be enabled, A system center 2012 sp1 or system center 2012 r2 server and a Azure site recovery vault.


What is the main difference between Dynamic access control and RMS.

DAC creates policies that govern how files with certain attributes can be accessed. RMS is used to determine what can be do with a file. E.g prevent it from being printed, copied to a USB. It cannot be used as a central policy.


What is Mircrosoft fabric controller?

Responsible for provisioning and monitoring the condition of the azure compute instances. Monitor the number of connections that can be made to Azure/.