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-Needed to raise funds for running all of his kingdoms.
-Expenses of being HRE were high.
-Crown's financial situation poor.
-Cost of upkeep of Royal Household.
-Cost of Wars.
-Expected to be Self-Sufficient.
-Has to pay back loans given by Fuggers (German Banking Family)
-Foreign Policy Expensive e.g. Metz Campaign cost 2 Million Ducats.



-Largest contributor of money from Spain.
-Cortes doesn't reject higher taxation.
-Alcabala: Most significant way of gaining money, everyone has to pay it.
-Customs Duties is a valuable contribution.
-Established Crown's right to receive Servicio.
-Borrowing money through sale of Juros (bonds with interest), used as loans.

-Small Contribution.
-Cortes has more power, stops to much taxation.

-Pope allowed Charles to receive portion of money from the Spanish Church: 1532, 372,000 Ducats raised. 1551, 500,000 Ducats raised.
- Church payed Cruzada: 1523-1554, raised an average of 121,000 Ducats per yr.

New World:
- 1534-1540: Average 324,000 Ducats made per yr.
-1545-1550: Average 382,000 Ducats per yr.
-1551-1555: Average 871,000 Ducats per yr.

Other Methods:
-Sold titles and offices
-Increased amount of taxes on upper class.